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wheresmybagba Nov 14, 11 3:00 am

Originally Posted by ollieinmelbourne (Post 17445466)
worth getting QF gold to retain access?

...for the Twiglets alone.

Globaliser Nov 14, 11 3:58 am

Originally Posted by Tyrolean (Post 17445435)
What makes me upset is the slient change and then the pretending "It had never been there".

And the knowledge of both airlines that the branding change is progressive, so that the BA partner benefit is withering on the vine.

One can understand a period of trying to sort it out if there has been a sudden problem raised by one side or the other. But if this situation were now allowed to persist indefinitely, it would be highly disingenuous.

Tyrolean Nov 14, 11 5:09 am

Originally Posted by stifle (Post 17445452)
And in case anyone needed another data point, my boss (WP) and his wife (QPNB) were told that only two of their party of four could enter the Galleries lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5 a couple of weeks ago.

True for Galleries First. For Galleries Club changed at a day in October. There have been issues with QPNB cards, but could be sorted. Form now on QP-Cards are not accepted any more.

thadocta Nov 14, 11 5:11 am

Wonder whether a post in the BA forum might get some info from the BA staff insiders..... Quite a few European based pax purchase QP membership for no other reason than to access BA lounges, and they have effectively wasted their money.


Princess fiona Nov 14, 11 5:38 am

I emailed QF about this a couple of weeks ago just prior to AJ's grounding/lockout. Since the original telephone call to me 10 minutes after submitting the email, I haven't heard a peep from them.
I think they are hoping that it's a FT/AFF over/reaction to the end of QP access in BA Galleries lounges (excepting T3) and that they should keep it quiet.
Poor form IMHO

PWOZUK Nov 14, 11 5:52 am

BA shouldn't forget that I do buy tickets for BA flights to have enjoyed such use of my Qantas Club membership, when I could have (as far as TATL) purchased AA flights and presumably made use of the Qantas / AA arrangements.

In my case I've often been using BA WT+ so they have done reasonably well out of me.

To make things even more frustrating for the unwary, even the list of lounges on the BA webiste is not entirely accurate - Geneva shows as a Terraces when in fact I believe (from having been there) that it is now a Galleries, and the lounge at Gatwick shows on the list as being Galleries when in fact it was very much a Terraces when I visited in October.

To add insult to injury, I now find that Qantas dont want to recognise my Qantas Club status (as far as bagagge allowance is concerned) because I have a BA flight number on my next QF30 LHR/MEL flight. (The joys of code shares:mad:), and oneworld alliance status doesn't appear to help either.

In the case of QC/Bagagge, this seems to be another rule that has changed during the course of the year.

Dave Noble Nov 14, 11 9:58 pm

Originally Posted by PWOZUK (Post 17445908)
In the case of QC/Bagagge, this seems to be another rule that has changed during the course of the year.

No it hasn't. The rule that the additional allowance applies to flights both operated and marketed by Qantas has not changed

The only change ( 11 months ago ) was the actual allowances for baggage

Princess fiona Nov 19, 11 4:33 am

Red Roo has posted an update on AFF ( though obviously not here yet ;) ) saying that QF is aware of the T5 issues and talking with BA to get a resolution. Here's hoping its the right one.

moa999 Nov 19, 11 5:03 am

Thanks Princess Fiona. was about to repost..
Very impressed that RedRoo is working at 8.45pm on a Sat night. Kudos.

VH-RMD Nov 19, 11 5:23 am

except the discussion is here and Red Roo is not...

Traveloguy Nov 19, 11 5:48 pm

Originally Posted by VH-RMD (Post 17479484)
except the discussion is here and Red Roo is not...

Social media is not RR's strong point.

nth_utsera_sth_utsera Nov 20, 11 12:32 am

Originally Posted by Traveloguy (Post 17482513)
Social media is not RR's strong point.


Globaliser Nov 20, 11 3:03 pm

Originally Posted by VH-RMD (Post 17479484)
except the discussion is here and Red Roo is not...

Is it fair to say that there's been more discussion on AFF?

I, for one, welcome an update from Red Roo wherever I can read it, even if I'm not a member of AFF.

serfty Nov 20, 11 4:19 pm

There's a slightly longer thread than this one on AFF; genesis was at about the same time but with different original posters.

Here's the post from RR: ([Confirmed] No LHR T5 Galleries access for QP before BA/QF flights) Originally Posted by Red Roo

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not responded on this thread earlier. I wanted to be able to come back to you with something concrete as opposed to 'we're working on it.'

We are well aware of the issue with regards to lounge access at T5 for Qantas Club members and really sorry that it has caused so much confusion and frustration. I was hoping to get back to you on Friday with a resolution but it is going to take a few more days. We are actively working to resolve the issue with BA and I'll get back to you next week with an update.

Not a resolution yet but I promise we are talking to BA and will resolve ASAP.

Red Roo

xintraveller Nov 23, 11 9:31 am

Qantas Club access at Heathrow T5

Originally Posted by serfty (Post 17325053)
I finished the call with a comment that such a quibble over naming of lounges in relation make Qantas Club membership virtually useless for BA flights to Europe and represented a severe reduction in value.

This essentially to me is Bait and Switch in my opinion and urge all QC member to log an complaint with the British Consumer authority. I can understand if they want to change access policies however this shouldn't affect the existing members within the program and its life members such as myself ...

Unbelievable ...

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