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biba Jul 17, 11 5:12 pm

QF63 via PER today
QF63 today will be carrying a new engine for the grounded 747 in JNB. This means a stop in PER for refuelling. Delayed arrival in JNB by 2.5 hours :mad:

Rebound Jul 17, 11 5:12 pm

Boo hoo

Himeno Jul 17, 11 6:14 pm

You're point? QF63 spent a number of weeks going via PER due to the ash cloud. What difference does it make that today's QF63 is carrying an extra engine for VH-OJL?

You're lucky you (and half the pax) don't need to be offloaded like when QF73 had to run a v-pod to SFO during September last year.

AndDee Jul 17, 11 7:11 pm

Thanks for the info :D

Ignore those who haven't had their morning coffee yet

747-444 Jul 18, 11 4:15 pm

Ms. 747-444 got a Y+ - J upgrade on JNB-SYD, 18/07, 6hr delay due to 5th engine ferry
QF 64 on the 16th of July had engine problems and returned to JNB.

On the 18th QF 63 ferried a 5th engine and landed up routing SYD-PER-JNB with a new engine for the stricken flight that returned to JNB.

Ms. 747-444 was meant to be on the return flight that ferried the 5th engine. The flight was delayed 6 hours due to the PER routing and also as they had to remove the 5th engine.

When she got to check in they informed her she had been upgraded from Y+ to J, complimentary.

She is now on route, which means she arrives into MEL at 11:30 or so instead of 5:30.

millionmiler Jul 19, 11 8:59 am

Here is a picture of the aircraft

frankxinyu Jul 19, 11 9:22 am

Originally Posted by millionmiler (Post 16755983)

oh wow...first time ive seen anything like that..

i would think they would have the engine in the cargo? obviously it is too big.

thadocta Jul 19, 11 1:45 pm

Originally Posted by millionmiler (Post 16755983)

Here is another one (my brother is th photographer).


biba Jul 19, 11 3:12 pm

Originally Posted by millionmiler (Post 16755983)

Here's one I took from inside

og Jul 19, 11 4:39 pm

Originally Posted by millionmiler (Post 16755983)

And another one ..

thadocta Jul 19, 11 11:08 pm

And here is one I totally created myself with PaintShop Pro.....


frankxinyu Jul 20, 11 7:10 am

so it is a photoshop fake?

thadocta Jul 20, 11 8:33 am

Originally Posted by frankxinyu (Post 16762258)
so it is a photoshop fake?

Of course not! Everything coming out of PSP is 100% legitimate, everyone knows that.

And here is the photo I meant to post, before other things happened and I hit "Send" a lot earlier than I wanted to. And again, my brother is the photographer.


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