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Red Roo May 16, 11 6:04 pm

Upcoming Qantas Frequent Flyer Changes
Since we sought feedback from you late last year, many areas of the Qantas Group have been investigating a number of initiatives to improve our frequent flyer program, with a focus on those who fly with us. We are now in a position to reveal some of these changes, so as a small gesture of thanks to the FlyerTalk community, wed like you to be among the first to know about these changes. Well also be sending an email to Members later today.

Key Program Changes
Increased Cabin bonuses on all earning fares on Qantas and Jetstar from 17 May 2011.

Premium Economy: 10% to 25%

Business: 25% to 50%

First: 50% to 100%

Increased Status bonuses for Silver and Gold Qantas Frequent Flyers on Qantas and Jetstar from 17 May 2011.

Silver: 25% to 50%

Gold: 50% to 75%

More options to earn points and Status credits on Jetstar fares from 17 May 2011.

Improved upgrade request and notification process planned for late 2011, including SMS confirmation

Platinum One - additional benefits for our most frequent flyers from 3600 status credits and beyond.

Changed Loyalty bonus from December 2011 a Loyalty bonus of 8000 points for every 500 Status credits earned within a membership year up to 4 per year.

These changes are specifically designed to reward our truly Frequent Flyers. Recently, we have made significant investments in our lounges and check-in on the ground. Last month, we introduced AVOD equipped 737-800s to replace 737-400s on the Domestic network, and A380 standard product will be launched on the 747-400 later this year. We are also working on improving the delivery of the basics, to provide you with a better experience with us.

In terms of other changes, there is an increase in points required to pay for surcharges, fees and taxes on eligible Australia and New Zealand Domestic Classic Awards from 3,000 points to 4,500 points per segment, due to jet fuel prices. We are also announcing plans to create a new alliance with Optus to provide you with new opportunities to earn points, which will be launched later this year. For those of you passionate about food and wine, we are also launching epiQure by Qantas Frequent Flyer, a new online community for Members on food and wine.

Thanks for flying with us and for your input and energy in providing us with your thoughts and ideas. No doubt, you will have plenty to share with us in response to this, and we look forward to your feedback.

Blackcloud May 16, 11 6:21 pm

It does not look like too many changes for me either good or bad....depending upon how much priority Platinum One (QF PO):eek: has, and I doubt I will look at acheiving that.
I am curious on the Jetstar earn may either make me fly JQ more or may reduce the JQ flight costs...

Red Roo May 16, 11 6:40 pm

Originally Posted by Blackcloud (Post 16397790)
I am curious on the Jetstar earn may either make me fly JQ more or may reduce the JQ flight costs...

In regards to Jetstar, they have launched new fare families today, which they have put up on their website here.

BD1959 May 16, 11 7:43 pm

From Red Roo's Link:
Lounge Access

Gold Coast and Auckland Lounge (domestic flights only) access can be added for a fee. Qantas Club members and Business Max passengers may access Qantas Club, Gold Coast and partner lounges, where available, when travelling on a Jetstar (JQ), Jetstar Asia (3K) or Valuair (VF) flight.
Since when have QC members had access to the GC JQ Lounge? - Must have missed the announcement (tho TBH I *still* prefer to fly to BNE with QF and drive down - I find that this much quicker than the standard JQ flight delay!!)


Leumas May 16, 11 8:01 pm

When will full details be published?

Can we call Platinum Ones, as QF W1? ;) QF P1?

justin_krusty May 16, 11 8:10 pm

No change for Plats, whereas Gold looks to be the sweet spot again. How are you "rewarding our truly Frequent Flyers" when you are giving more benefits to those who fly less? In effect you have diluted Plat benefits - yet another QFF "enhancement".

This is just more smoke and mirrors to try and cover Virgin...

Brettmcg May 16, 11 8:24 pm

Hopefully the processing times for Jetstar earns to QFF account posting will also be "enhanced". No use earning the points if it takes over 2 months for the points and status credits to post!

DownUnderFlyer May 16, 11 8:56 pm

Thank you Red Roo for letting us know. And its good to see that some of the things discussed in the Customer Advisory Panel are being implemented.

I very much like the increased cabin bonus, it brings QFF closer to the LH program which rewards premium cabin travel.
Also it is really nice to see the expanded JQ lounge access for non Platinums and the increase in earning abilities for JQ.
And of course we would like to know what QF SW (aka Platinum One) will receive in terms of benefits.

However, I can see justin_krusty's point. The big "loser" here is the average WP: Gold is catching up even closer and now a super tier above Platinum is reducing chances for upgrades etc.
The other major issue I see is that a base JQ Business Fare doesn't earn SCs or points. So the much cheaper economy fare will but for Business you will have to pay $200 extra one way for basically SCs and a points. Lounge access most people have through status anyway. This is really a major downside and not an improvement but a big step backward. I would always expect that if I pay $2500 for a return flight to HNL that I will earn SCs and points and not need to spend an extra $400 for that privilege. This will drive people to other airlines not entice them to fly JQ.

Catweazle May 16, 11 9:21 pm

Oh good, I'm with optus! (Good for them, now I might stay with 'em :D )

Blackcloud May 16, 11 9:41 pm

Platinum Ones (QF POO):p
I have noticed now that JQ despite their claims about transferring JetFlex tickets as Starter Max, with 20kg of baggage they have now sent me an itinerary as Starter with no baggage.:mad:
Great now I will have to chase this up get the correct fare class etc by waiting 15 minutes and probably call at least twice because I will be disconnected.:mad::mad:

igel May 16, 11 9:43 pm

Hi Red Roo,
I booked and ticketed a couple of Jetstar Starclass fares prior to 17th May but travel will be in the 2nd half of this year with the last ticketed flight to be taken in Dec. Some of these fares were the promotional fares with now fall under the "Business" category rather than "Business Max". I am QF Gold, will I get QF lounge access when I take these flights and more importantly, will I get the status credits?
Cheers, Gerald

Dave Noble May 16, 11 10:06 pm

Seems more like a big price hike on some JQ fares. e.g. the JQ Starclass fare which I purchased a couple of months ago at $1299 was a fare including FF miles and refundability etc. The new Business fare is $1299 but isn't refundable and doesn't earn miles. To get the same benefits now costs $1499 or a 15% price hike

On SYD-MEL , I could get JetFlex fares for generally $269 or $299 if busy. Checking now, the Max fare is now $339 , so a 13 to 26% price hike.

I don't care so much about FF miles, more the refundability and $200 each way extra for refundability is too steep on a HNL-SYD imo

Cedar Jet May 16, 11 10:14 pm

Priroity luggage red roo
Hi Red Roo

What about the brightly tagged bags of Qantas premium passengers and loyal golds, plats or plat ones ??

Please tell us QF has put some effort into baggage's the practical things which matter most to "loyal frequent flyers"



Blackcloud May 16, 11 10:45 pm

I agree with Dave Noble and found that the additional Max, costs are not consistent. eg. on different flights WLG-AKL it was either $140, $150 or $160, possibly varied based on the base fare eg. $89 vs $69.
What I did notice was that NZ JQ has considerably gone up fro $199 JetFlex to about $229 Starter Max.:td: NZ Flex tickets can be the same price for a better product.
Just to add to get same product with 20kg Checked In baggage $10 so JQ just upped their fares by 20%. Not happy and this will bring NZ back into the picture for me.

serfty May 16, 11 11:09 pm

Originally Posted by DownUnderFlyer (Post 16398532)
I very much like the increased cabin bonus, it brings QFF closer to the LH program which rewards premium cabin travel.
However, I can see justin_krusty's point. The big "loser" here is the average WP: Gold is catching up even closer and now a super tier above Platinum is reducing chances for upgrades etc. ...

The change to loyalty bonus is overall a degradation.

It is based on a membership year's earn. i.e. Earn 490 SC's in you year and you get nothing. You "loyalty" count is reset to zero just like your 'status' SC counts expire and you'll need to earn another 500 SC's to get the 8K bonus the next year.

There may be a loss of Cabin bonus earn on AA and BA flights; the revised airline earning table does not indicate any cabin bonus on these carriers for bookings made after 17th May (this may be an oversight).

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