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Oneworld: UL: DXB-CGK in J, $800 R/T

Oneworld: UL: DXB-CGK in J, $800 R/T

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Meet Up & Tips Thread AUH-CMB-CGK fare:


PSA: You WILL receive TPs and Avios even on promotional fare I Class (the no miles restriction only applies to UL's own programme).
1. The footrest on the Neo is pretty useless. It's not deep enough to hold both feet, and too high for anyone over 5ft!
2. The IFE on the Neo is crisp, but the screens on the A321-200s are also very good - they fold out from the central armrest
3. Despite the 2300 departure time from AUH, meals are provided - and thus the lights come on. There's no blindfold in the UL miniature amenity kit, so bring your own.
4. Even with the seat in front of you fully reclined, there is plenty of space to get out
5. Despite the IFE and power boxes, there is a huge amount of legroom (even for me at 6ft).
6. Upon arrival into CGK, try and grab a golf-buggy to Passport Control. It is free, and tipping is hugely frowned upon (there's a sign) - it's much quicker than walking.
7. Dependent on your passport, you may have to fill in an Immigration form. UL do not stock them onboard.
8. Once through to the baggage hall, grab a Customs form, UL wont provide this on the plane, but you'll need it to exit into the main arrivals area.
9. If using Grab Taxi (around 60% cheaper than the official airport taxis), head to the right once through into the main Arrivals area. It will lead into the car park, where you will meet your driver.
10. UL use Check-In Desks C5-C9 - between entrances 2 and 3. There is Security upon entry, but only for your baggage.
11. The Saphire CGK lounge has poor air-con, but decent drinks and acceptable food choices. Good wifi too, with views of the runway, so you can spot your plane landing. The buffet area has the best air-con if you're warm.
12. There is no Fast Track for UL passengers, and be cautious of the Ladies Only Lane at security - which often has shorter queues, but which I couldn't use.
13. If it's a bussed departure from CMB (clue:the downstairs gates) don't bust a gut to kick your heels in the lounge. J-class passengers are the very last ones to be picked (by a dedicated bus). If you are last minute, let one of the supervisors know and he/she will facilitate your passage through security. This can be a successful ploy if you are simply impatient and have a J-class bc
14. At CGK UL will check bags on separate tickets to final destination -- reportedly this holds even where non-OneWorld carriers are involved.


Flight format: DD-MM-YY ULxxx AUH-CMB Username

Addendum 23-02-19: Please also add:
1. Positioning flights in the same format as above
2. Related hotel stays in a similar format: DD-MM-YY XXX(airport code) Hotel name Username

December 2019
02-12-2019 UL208 AUH-CMB JessicaTam
03-12-2019 UL364 CMB-CGK JessicaTam
10-12-2019 UL365 CGK-CMB iambic
10-12-2019 UL225 CMB-DXB iambic
12-12-2019 UL365 CGK-CMB JessicaTam
12-12-2019 UL207 CMB-AUH JessicaTam

January 2020
17-01-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB jonapet89
18-01-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK jonapet89
19-01-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB mad_rich
21-01-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB jonapet89
26-01-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK mad_rich
27-01-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB jonapet89
28-01-2020 BA1469 INV-LHR onobond
29-01-2020 BA107 LHR-DXB onobond
29-01-2020 DXB LeMeridien Fairview onobond
29-01-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB mad_rich
29-01-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB mad_rich

February 2020
01-02-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB onobond
02-02-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK onobond
02-02-2020 CGK Doubletree onobond
03-02-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB onobond
03-02-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB onobond
03-02-2020 DXB LeMeridien Fairview onobond
04-02-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB onobond
05-02-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK onobond
05-02-2020 MH720 CGK-KUL onobond
05-02-2020 BA73 LHR-AUH thejohn
06-02-2020 Premier Inn AUH thejohn
07-02-2020 UL208 AUH-CMB thejohn, Lefly
07-02-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Dancrane +1
08-02-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK thejohn, Dancrane +1, Lefly
08-02-2020 Ibis Styles CGK thejohn
09-02-2020 MH717 KUL-CGK onobond
09-02-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB onobond, thejohn, Dancrane +1, Lefly
09-02-2020 UL207 CMB-AUH thejohn, Lefly
09-02-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB onobond, Dancrane +1
10-02-2020 BA106 DXB-LHR onobond
10-02-2020 BA1468 LHR-INV onobond
10-02-2020 UL208 AHU-CMB thejohn
11-02-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK thejohn
11-02-2020 Doubletree by Hilton thejohn
14-02-2020 UL365 CMB-AUH thejohn
14-02-2020 UL207 CMB-AUH thejohn
19-02-2020 BA72 AUH-LHR thejohn
27-02-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB iambic
28-02-2020 BA109 LHR-DXB southlondonphil
28-02-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK iambic
28-02-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB AnttiV
29-02-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Antti
29-02-2020 DXB Hyatt Regency Deira southlondonphil

March 2020
01-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB iambic
01-03-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB iambic
01-03-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB southlondonphil
02-03-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK southlondonphil
02-03-2020 CGK Doubletree southlondonphil
03-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB southlondonphil
03-03-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB southlondonphil
03-03-2020 DXB Radisson Blu Deira southlondonphil
04-03-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB southlondonphil
05-03-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK southlondonphil
05-03-2020 CGK Crowne Plaza southlondonphil
06-03-2020 BA073 LHR-AUH Wing It One World
06-03-2020 BA105 LHR-DBX MGW60
06-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB southlondonphil
06-03-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB southlondonphil
06-03-2020 DXB Le Meridien Airport southlondonphil
06-03-2020 AUH Traders Hotel Wing It One World
07-03-2020 UL208 AUH-CMB Wing It One World
07-03-2020 UL226 DBX-CMB MGW60
08-03-2020 BA106 DXB-LHR southlondonphil
08-03-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Wing It One World
08-03-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK MGW60
08-03-2020 CGK Aone Hotel Wing It One World
09-09-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB MGW60
09-09-2020 UL207 CMB-AUH MGW60
09-03-2020 UL208 AUH-CMB MGW60
10-03-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK MGW60
10-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Wing It One World
10-03-2020 UL207 CMB-AUH Wing It One World
11-03-2020 BA72 AUH-LHR Wing It One World
11-03-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Sifu
11-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB MGW60
11-03-2020 UL207 CMB-AUH MGW60
11-03-2020 UL208 AUH-CMB MGW60
12-03-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Sifu
12-03-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK MGW60
13-03-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Scallywag72
13-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB MGW60
13-03-2020 UL207 CMB-AUH MGW60
14-03-2020 BA72 AUH-LHR MGW60
14-03-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Scallywag72
14-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Sifu
14-03-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Sifu
15-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Scallywag72
15-03-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Scallywag72
16-03-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Scallywag72
17-03-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Scallywag72
18-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Scallywag72
18-03-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Scallywag72
23-03-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Scallywag72
24-03-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Scallywag72
25-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Scallywag72
25-03-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Scallywag72
26-03-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Scallywag72
27-03-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Scallywag72
28-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Scallywag72
28-03-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Scallywag72
28-03-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB AnttiV
28-03-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB AnttiV

April 2020
22-04-2020 BA1471 INV-LHR onobond
22-04-2020 BA109 LHR-DXB onobond
23-04-2020 DXB Conrad onobond
23-04-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB onobond
24-04-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK onobond
24-04-2020 CGK Doubletree onobond
25-04-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB onobond
25-04-2020 UL 225 CMB-DXB onobond
25-04-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB onobond
26-04-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK onobond
26-04-2020 MH720 CGK-KUL onobond

May 2020
02-05-2020 MH717 KUL-CGK onobond
02-05-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB onobond
02-05-2020 UL 225 CMB-DXB onobond
03-05-2020 BA106 DXB-LHR onobond
03-05-2020 BA1470 LHR-INV onobond
04-05-2020 INV-LHR tilal6991
04-05-2020 LHR-AUH tilal6991
05-05-2020 AUH-CMB tilal6991
06-05-2020 CMB-CGK tilal6991
07-05-2020 INV-LHR flylikelinz
07-05-2020 LHR-DXB flylikelinz
08-05-2020 DXB-CMB flylikelinz
09-05-2020 CMB-CGK flylikelinz
10-05-2020 CGK-CMB flylikelinz
10-05-2020 CMB-AUH flylikelinz
11-05-2020 AUH-LHR flylikelinz
12-05-2020 CGK-CMB tilal6991
12-05-2020 CMB-AUH tilal6991
14-05-2020 AUH-LHR tilal6991
30-05-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Guanran Wang
31-05-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Guanran Wang

June 2020
01-06-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Guanran Wang
03-06-2020 UL231 CMB-DXB Guanran Wang
03-06-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Guanran Wang
04-06-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Guanran Wang
05-06-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Guanran Wang
05-06-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Guanran Wang
05-06-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Guanran Wang
06-06-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Guanran Wang
07-06-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Guanran Wang
07-06-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Guanran Wang
17-06-2020 LX1727 FCO-ZRH Glenlivet
17-06-2020 LX242 ZRH-DXB Glenlivet
18-06-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Glenlivet
19-06-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Glenlivet
20-06-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Glenlivet
20-06-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Glenlivet
21-06-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Glenlivet
22-06-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Glenlivet
23-06-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Glenlivet
23-06-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Glenlivet
24-06-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Glenlivet
25-06-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Glenlivet
26-06-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Glenlivet
26-06-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Glenlivet
27-06-2020 LX243 DXB-ZRH Glenlivet
27-06-2020 LX1726 ZRH-FCO Glenlivet

August 2020
05-08-2020 BA109 LHR-DXB Wbeest
06-08-2020 DXB Conrad Dubai Wbeest
07-08-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Wbeest
08-08-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Wbeest
08-08-2020 CGK Doubletree Wbeest
09-08-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Wbeest
09-08-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Wbeest
10-08-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB Wbeest
11-08-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK Wbeest
11-08-2020 CGK Doubletree Wbeest
12-08-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB Wbeest
12-08-2020 UL225 CMB-DXB Wbeest
15-08-2020 BA108 DXB-LHR Wbeest

October 2020
04-10-2020 BA1471 INV-LHR onobond
04-10-2020 BA109 LHR-DXB onobond
05-10-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB onobond
05-10-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK onobond
06-10-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB onobond
06-10-2020 UL 225 CMB-DXB onobond
06-10-2020 UL226 DXB-CMB onobond
07-10-2020 UL364 CMB-CGK onobond
15-10-2020 UL365 CGK-CMB onobond
15-10-2020 UL 225 CMB-DXB onobond
16-10-2020 BA106 DXB-LHR onobond
17-10-2020 BA1470 LHR-INV onobond
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This is back from AUH to CGK, $650 rt. Easy 560TP.
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coming up for 630 USD now!!!
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Great price but pity it's a long time in recliners...
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Can you buy this trip on the UL site from the USA? I changed to the UAE location, but did not go to the payment page.
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I'm flying Sri Lankan Singapore - CMB - LHR soon and was surprised to see they have a kind of 'book the cook' service in Business with quite an extensive menu.

Does anyone know which hotel they generally put up over nighting J transit passengers in?
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Originally Posted by Bonaventure View Post
Great price but pity it's a long time in recliners...
They're pretty comfortable actually - I was able to nap perfectly well on the mid-haul sectors. Not quite as good as a flat bed, but for the price...
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Originally Posted by 108912 View Post

Does anyone know which hotel they generally put up over nighting J transit passengers in?
I absolutely adore UL, SIN-CMB-LHR was my route for a long time although I havent had need to be in Europe recently

ive only ever been put in this hotel:

with full board. Last time I was there I think there was refurbished and non-refurbished rooms, and I think I was put in a non-refurbished, although it was still absolutely delightful

the breakfasts are especially nice but the dinner was good too

cant fault at all
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Is there any chance to see the A330 operate the route on CMB-CGK-CMB sectors again ?
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Hey Hey sombody Here found any dates? Or is the sale over?

Best regards Danny
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The fare has been adjusted since a few days back, so no more cheap UAE to Indonesia via Colombo. The revenue management at Sri Lankan must have realised that there's too many TP runs done on the fare.
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Try AUH Mar 14 - Mar 17, seeing it for $666
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Originally Posted by Bender89 View Post
Hey Hey sombody Here found any dates? Or is the sale over?

Best regards Danny

Still seeing plenty of inventories from now till the 3rd week of May for $666 on SriLankan Airlines's website, make sure you put AUH (Abu Dhabi)- CGK instead of DXB (Dubai) - CGK. When used the currency converter build in the website, it does show as $630, so lesser the devil (no puns!)
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just had email off UL - might be handy for people nesting

10% Discount on Business Class

Your First Date Change is Free of Charge!

Just a little Thank you gift for booking with us before on your travels. Grab this

10% discount on Business Class & experience true SriLankan hospitality once again.
Book between - 03 January 2019 31 March 2019

Travel from - 24 January 2019 onwards

Whats more, your Date Change Penalty is totally waived off before you travel when

you book your tickets online! You simply have to pay the fare difference if any.

Let us welcome you back with open arms & a lot more to follow.
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Originally Posted by mfgr View Post
just had email off UL - might be handy for people nesting

10% Discount on Business Class

Your First Date Change is Free of Charge!

Just a little Thank you gift for booking with us before on your travels. Grab this
Nice. But it's not clear how to access this beneficence. It looks as though it could be targeted - or the discounts are already built into the sub-500 c-class fares from AUH to CGK
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Originally Posted by Flying Yazata View Post
The fare has been adjusted since a few days back, so no more cheap UAE to Indonesia via Colombo. The revenue management at Sri Lankan must have realised that there's too many TP runs done on the fare.
I'm still seeing good availability for this fare from DXB/AUH up until May.

I'm not sure that's the case regarding management - a friend and I recently did a DXB-CMB-CGK run and aside from the first leg (which was only full in J because I'm 99% sure they OpUp'ed a ton of people with an overbooked economy), there were a reasonable amount of free seats on the rest of the legs. Aside from the promotional email above posted by others (I've gotten one as well), we amusingly received an e-mail saying they'd extended their business class sale whilst waiting for our flight, so I reckon they're keen to try and fill these seats up.
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