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br2k Oct 17, 17 12:30 pm

AV: JFK - LIM, $660ish
Avianca, JFK - LIM with a stop in BOG/UIO, several dates in April 2018 (April 11 - April 22, +/- 3 days), $660 or so depending on booking site.

Also can add a stopover in UIO for a total of about $730

Most flights are on A330 which should be "angled flat", I think. Or did Avianca complete the switch to the new lie flat seats?

BCNforever Oct 17, 17 12:54 pm

I flew AV on JFK-BOG 7AM flight and it was lie flat, but the whole 330 fleet has not been refurbished yet

SvenAge Oct 17, 17 1:06 pm


br2k Oct 17, 17 1:08 pm


vincewy Oct 17, 17 2:48 pm

Would you be able to provide a link of this deal? The best I can do $860 is by forcing a connection in Bolivia (LPB or VVI)

jaycoriander Oct 17, 17 3:07 pm

I'm seeing availability from Nov - Feb on Google Flights. Can't post URLs yet due to forum rules.

There is a 2-stop return through UIO/BOG. No lie flats.

br2k Oct 17, 17 3:12 pm

I've got it with a 1 stop through BOG both on the way out and back (although 2 stop return was more common)

How do you check wrt. lie flats?
FWIW The seat assignments I have do not match the seat map for the old A330 config.

Try this link:

I suspect this rate will be gone fairly soon, though.

vincewy Oct 17, 17 5:40 pm

Million thanks, I think I'm just going for a long weekend getaway for Cusco, and the miles alone will be worth it. I believe this is JFK-Ecuador fares with LIM as one of the permitted stopover cities.

p.s. It has limited dates and only on certain OTAs. But you can force it on by creating multi-city booking, JFK-UIO,UIO-LIM, and LIM-JFK, the first 2 the same day in case you don't want to stay in Quito.

Jsandell Oct 17, 17 7:06 pm

As of a few minutes ago, the fare (JFK-LIM w/ 2 stops in BOG and UIO) can still be found on Google Flights, with purchase available on on Cheap-o-Air. However, before clicking the purchase button, I researched on Seat Guru and the particular flight I looked at would be an old Airbus A330-200 (332) configuration ("angle flat"), which, according to the reviews, is not very comfortable. The pictures also depict an old-looking business class cabin. Based on those factors, and having to make 2 short stops, I'm going to pass on this one. If I was trying to make status or earn miles usable in the Star Alliance, I might think about this harder, but I'm an AA flyer so this trip would do nothing for increasing my EQDs or EQMs.

blind1985 Oct 17, 17 8:51 pm

Was able to replicate using multicity to Lima using UR, half day layover in Bog on way in and Uio on way out. Thanks OP.

rmannion Oct 17, 17 9:22 pm

Thanks for the tip, vincewy! Was able to duplicate and book in Expedia just now.

vincewy Oct 17, 17 10:04 pm

By forcing multi-city booking like JFK-UIO,UIO-LIM,LIM-JFK, the availability seems wide open. If you plan to have a long layover in Ecuador you can replace UIO with GYE for a little bit more (like $10) due to Quito's altitude.

p.s. They are still there so book now, you can always cancel within 24 hours at Last year AV had $450 LAX/ORD-Peru and there was no issue at all from AV.

br2k Oct 17, 17 10:18 pm

This deal (probably scrubbed from this post) was posted on secretflying - no wonder it's gone.
They also state it's an error fare (how exactly do *they* know - as if they have any extra insight into these things :) ).

soy Oct 17, 17 10:22 pm

Secretflying are idiots - they call everything an error, even when it clearly is not.

vincewy Oct 17, 17 10:55 pm

Fares are still alive and going, I would book it now if you need *A miles, it's 150% for most FFPs.

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