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🔺🔴Premium Fare Deals Forum Rules🔴🔺

🔺🔴Premium Fare Deals Forum Rules🔴🔺

Old May 24, 2015, 2:37 pm
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Arrow 🔺🔴Premium Fare Deals Forum Rules🔴🔺

1. This forum is for premium cabin travel only.

Fares in cabins or classes of service that are separate from and above normal Economy cabin travel shall be posted in this forum. This includes the cabins normally referred to as either:

Business or
Premium Economy

  • "Economy Plus" where some rows of the economy cabin have more legroom and possibly more recline - but are otherwise identical to other seating in Economy - is not considered Premium Cabin Travel.
  • Private Jet Flights: Since this is still the Mileage Run forum, all deals should be mileage-earning. Non-mileage earning fares do not belong in the Mileage Run forum.

2. Post active fare deals only.

This means:
  • Unless you have a deal to share, don’t start a new topic. Don’t start threads for things that are off-topic, such as general discussion about premium cabins or for help finding deals.
  • If you find a deal, please share it. There are no strict rules on what constitutes a “deal” other than something that represents a good or excellent value. We will rely on the fact that many of our users know a deal when they see one. A deal could be a significant discount over normal prices on a particular route, or it could offer very good earning potential for RDMs or PQMs/EQMs.
  • The “Report Post” function should be used to alert the moderators if a thread needs to be marked [PREM FARE GONE]. We use the prefix “[PREM FARE GONE]” to indicate any thread moved from this forum.
  • [PREM FARE GONE] threads will be moved into the Mileage Run Discussion forum if - and only if - it starts to interfere with the discussion and posting of currently active deals.
  • Discussion of dead deals is OK within the context of the thread for that deal.

3. Stay on topic. We want to ensure that all discussion in a thread is related to the deal contained therein.

  • It is standard procedure after reading about a deal to see if that same deal is available to/from other nearby or related places or on other airlines. When finding a related deal, post it in the same thread. Do not start a new one. If a fare is totally unrelated, then it should be a new thread. You should know the difference.
  • Posts about cabin comfort and amenities, visa requirements, etc. are allowed so long as they are related to the deal that the thread is discussing.
  • Off-topic chatter may be deleted without warning or explanation.
  • Fares offered by Joint Venture Partners (= for example UA/AC/LH/LX/OS/SN within Star, AA/BA/IB/AY/US within Oneworld and AF/DL/KL/AZ within Skyteam on the transatlantic as well as the transpacific JV partner routes) should be consolidated in one single thread. The moderators should be alerted by using the “Report Post” function if the thread title needs to be changed to include such JV partners rather than starting a duplicate thread for what is essentially the same fare.

4. Before starting a new thread, search for similar threads. While the search options aren’t perfect, occasionally there will be some duplication of deals posted. Do not crowd the board with many iterations of the same deal.

  • When starting a new thread, it’s helpful to include some of the airport codes that are relevant either in the title itself or in the initial post. This will help other people find that thread more easily.
  • When searching for previous postings, type in an airport code surrounded by quotation marks into the search box, and try both “Show Posts” and “Show Threads” options. This will help you greatly in finding related threads.
  • For housekeeping purposes, threads which are very similar may be merged together. Some people have a preference for many individual threads and some for as few threads as possible. We seek to strike a balance between the two.

5. State the cabin in the thread title. While the majority of posts will be about Business class, it helps everyone if each title clearly contains the cabin that it applies to. It also helps to state that at the beginning of the title for people who are only interested in deals for a particular cabin. In the interest of striking a balance between clarity, brevity, consistency and searchability, we recommend the following prefixes be used:

Prem Econ

  • You can separate this from the rest of the thread with brackets or dashes, etc., but that is just a stylistic choice.
  • There are a handful of mostly Gulf state or east Asian carriers that have premium offerings that are considered a step-up even from International First. Label those as “First Suites” or use your best judgment here.
  • In the event that an itinerary is in a mix of cabins, e.g. a US-EUR trip that contains legs in US domestic First, just use the one that makes the most sense, which would normally be the one that it is ticketed in. You can explain the rest in the thread itself.

6. Give “all-in” pricing in an amount and currency that makes sense. Since good prices are what we’re after, it makes sense to include pricing in the thread title where possible.
  • We want to know that when we see a price, it is something we can actually buy. Save the marketing tricks for the airlines. Make sure that the price you quoted includes all taxes and fees. That is what we refer to as “all-in” pricing and is usually abbreviated “ai” or “a.i.”
  • It should be clear that a price is for either round-trip/return or one-way travel. While it’s generally assumed that any price is for round-trip/return unless stated otherwise, just use the common abbreviations to be clear: “rt” “r/t” “rtn” “o/w” “ow”
  • Try to state the price in a the local currency that the ticket is offered in. In the case of a less familiar currency, try also to convert the price to one or more of the global standard currencies like EUR, GBP, USD or JPY.

7. Do not post fare help requests. This was covered above but we want to make it clear, our subforum is dedicated to posting active deals only. Posts that are asking for advice or for help in finding deals belong in the Mileage Run Discussion forum. But note that asking for help on a specific itinerary, e.g. “Any good fares from NYC to TLV?” does not belong in the Mileage Run forum at all. You can use any of the many internet flight search tools to help find that fare.

8. Do not post tricks. While we appreciate good value, deals that involve “tricks” are not welcome here. There is a “Trick It” thead dedicated to discussing fuel dumps. Tactics like hidden city ticketing should not be posted at all.

9. Be gentle and tactful when others fall short. Mistakes happen - by veterans and newbies alike.
  • No need to be harsh or overly critical. Forum moderators are tasked with taking official action. Leave it to them.
  • If someone posts something which isn’t of interest to you or doesn’t meet your standards, simply move on. If a deal is of no value to anyone, it will sink to the bottom.

Submitted on behalf of the Moderators of the Mileage Run Forum

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