Travelers becoming frustrated at TSA

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Travelers becoming frustrated at TSA

Here's a news clip from CBS shown on the local news the other day; finally, the editors didn't cut the comments from those who are becoming tired of the Kabuki Theatre security at the airport:[email protected]
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C'mon American public! You CAN get this disease of an agency ejected from our airports.
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It is finally beginning to happen!! The only thing wrong with the report was that no one protested the x-ray as being invasive and questioning what really happens to those shots.
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I don't mean to rain on the parade, but these kind of comments have been around for awhile. The only difference, as the OP said, is that the TV station didn't edit out the comments.

All that said, the mannerisms in which the passengers said them were mild. No one was really peed off, which would have made for better TV.

I don't share the sentiment that The Empire is starting to crumble or anything. The TSA already knows people question their presence and ability, hence all the PR tactics both at the "security" checkpoints, on their website and with their press releases.
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I see that the TV clip had, as ever, fallen by the end into the hands of the 10,001 manufacturers, or rather their lobbyists, who want to peddle the line that technology is the solution and if the TSA only spend $100m on THEIR product all will be wonderful for air travelers, Mr Journalist. Here, let us show you ......
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