ORD TSA at UA in fine form this morning

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Originally Posted by breny View Post
I'm thinking the solution for anyone in the know is flying without ID. It sounds like straight to secondary will be quicker.
Only if there's a dedicated haraSSSSment line. SDF doesn't have one.

It's disgusting treatment for not showing an ID to The State.
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Originally Posted by Spiff View Post
Only if there's a dedicated haraSSSSment line. SDF doesn't have one.

It's disgusting treatment for not showing an ID to The State.
Good point.
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Originally Posted by davidcalgary29 View Post
The other difference is that peace officers must form reasonable grounds to stop and detain an individual and inspect identification if they do not have a warrant. Airport identification checks, conversely, are fishing expeditions that would be unlawful if performed by peace officers and have no real-world effect on security.
Um, yes, you surrendered all your constitutional protections when you entered the prison, I mean airport. This is shown by that brilliant doctrine of implied consent. I'll yield to your clearly obvious legal background, but most fishing expeditions I'm aware of, despite their dubious legality, have at least a small chance of uncovering something significant. I thought anything warranting the title of "fishing expedition" would typically involve extensive checks of information against sophisticated data sources.
These "officers" are actually spending whole minutes checking an ID piece (mine is government issued by a non-US gov. entity, good luck finding it on any standard ID list) against, in most of our cases, a home printed boarding pass with elementarily altered markings and info. Most significant possible outcome? Fake ID Wow. (Every one stand back, I'm holding fake ID here
Seems like the credibility of this part of the circus needs ratcheting up several notches before it could even upgrade to an amateur wanna be fishing expedition.
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Originally Posted by Andy1369 View Post
OK, got that. But why do they take longer than the contract workers? It should only take about 30 secs at the most to match the name on the ID to the face, then another add'l 30 secs to scribble the approval mark on the BP.


the "big, bad government and can't do right"?
Folks, it's an absolute fact of life: There is NOTHING that private industry can do that a governmental or quasi governmental (see: Post office) group cannot do slower, more expensively, with poorer quality and in a worse fashion. Governmental employees are actually viewed differently by economists bcause their motivations are completely different from private industry employees.

When the government takes over, the pace slows, the costs go up and the errors and defects skyrocket. It's a damn fact.

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