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TransitJohn Aug 9, 07 9:13 pm

Consistently flagged by Immigration on reentering the USA
I fly internationally for work in oilfield services once or twice per month. For the last 6 months, EVERY SINGLE TIME I've reentered the USA, I've been flagged going through Immigration/Passport control. The reason? I have, "a common name." John is my given name, with a common Anglo family name. Like about 100 million other Americans. This isn't security. I asked in IAH, all the way in the back room, and was told that they will from now on flag everyone with a common name, to check for warrants so they can arrest you on the spot. Feeling safe yet???

JakiChan Aug 10, 07 3:47 pm

A Mexican friend of mine with a green card has the same name as a drug lord. It's like the most common name in Mexico. It takes me 4 hrs to re-enter the country every time. He even has a letter from the Mexican goverment saying This Is Not The Droid You're Looking For.

TransitJohn Aug 10, 07 4:14 pm

I found the process on CBP's website to protest and try to clear this up....but I'm kind of afraid to initiate it.

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