TSA: Where Do All The Little Scissors And Knives Go?

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TSA: Where Do All The Little Scissors And Knives Go?

The Consumerist.com

We already know that the TSA sells scissors and nail clippers on eBay, but what else do they do with them? The Wall Street Journal has the answer:
Last year, according to Transportation Security Administration figures, airport agents collected 12,295 "clubs, bats and bludgeons"; 1.6 million "knives and blades"; and 74,665 other objects classified as "deadly/dangerous."

The most lethal items are dispensed with promptly. Guns -- an average of two a week are collected nationally -- are surrendered to local police departments, which investigate their bearers. Hazardous chemicals are disposed of by SAIC Inc., a San Diego company under government contract.
Hmmm. Maybe SAIC Inc** should be indicted by the people's court on War On Terror profiteering charges.

**"Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a leading systems, solutions and technical services company, offers a broad range of expertise in defense modernization efforts, intelligence, homeland security, logistics and product support, health and life sciences, space and earth sciences and global commercial services."

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I hear the TSA folks have a pretty good collection
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Originally Posted by coachrowsey View Post
I hear the TSA folks have a pretty good collection
I agree. Because TSA was collection all knives, nail clippes, scissors and others during screened at checkpoint. I think TSA is considerable done very good job for Prohibited all sharp objects. It doesn't allowing bring any weapon beyond security checkpoint.
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Back in the very early days of this nonsense, I had my great little old (snub-nose!) scissors that I use for needlework confiscated (have never been able to replace them). Then, on subsequent trip through the same airport, they discovered that I had forgotten to take a little mother-of-pearl swiss army knife (with tiny scissors in it) out of my purse. (You'd think I'd have learned!) It was special and I didn't want to lose it but I didn't really have time to go check my carryon. So, I asked what they would do with it--could the nice screener (who really was trying to be helpful) keep it? No, they said, it would be sent to be melted down into scrap metal with the rest of the barrel full of similar confiscated items there. Yeah, right.
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