Bringing WW2 items in my luggage.

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Bringing WW2 items in my luggage.

I have a question to you TSA guys.

I used to collect German WW2 stuff. I have some of these items at my parents place in Canada and my dad wants me to take it back to Norway.
Some of these things are dynamite boxes and bullet boxes. Though obviously these boxes are empty....still valuable......but the thing is that I`m afraid of that there might be explosive residue(don`t know how that word is spelt) still in these boxes.
So lets say that when you scan my bags and maybe detect this stuff, what would happen? There is nothing that will go BANG, but will you drag me of the plane and make a big deal of it or would you just check my luggage with a magnifying glass and decide that all is A OK???
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Checking these items in a suitcase makes no sense, and not just because of the potential hassle factor.

You say they are "valuable." Well, only someone begging to be parted with items of value places them in a checked bag. Period. If valuable, they will be stolen. If not by the airline employees, then by the security personnel. Or broken/bent/dented, etc. when the security personnel examine them and don't repack them as carefully as you did.

Then there's that potential hassle factor because they WILL test positive for explosive residue.

Ship them home to Norway via cargo/courrier (air cargo on an airline or DHL/UPS/FedEx, etc). No hassle, probably no theft or damage, and responsible party to look to in case they are stolen or damaged.

Checking them in a suitcase just makes no sense whatsoever.
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Even though certain members of the TSA (e.g. David Stone ) might feel quite at home with objects from WW2, your best bet is to follow FWAAA's advice and ship them home.
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I would

Not! please ship it non commercial airliner. Send it private parcel/cargo. You are running the risk of a bomb dog finding it, an eds system hit or a visual hit. If any of these hits happen you will be coming off the plane to answer questions.
I know a guy that was in EOD in the military and he had his gear bag with him. He got paged in ATL. Two cops met him at the phone and took him to the baggage area. A bomb dog was sitting on his bag. He had retired years ago but the odor remained. He had to spread out all the contents on the floor and the dog waded through it. He went back to the bag and sat. The only way to get rid of the smell on that bag would be to burn it. Now they took all his information and let him go but, this is what you are looking at.
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Well I guess I was pretty much right. You see I told my dad that this will happen and he`s like.....yeah like whatever...they won`t do`re just exaggerating.
So here I have it in black and white. Thanks guys!
They will definately go with snail mail.
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As others have said, send it home via courier. I'm not sure what routings the different courier companies use from where you are in Canada, but look at one which won't ship it via the US. As an example, FedEx may ship it via Memphis or UPS might ship it via Louisville. Not sure about DHL or some of the other companies.

Even if it goes cargo via the US it's probably ok provided the contents are properly declared, but I'd hate to see if you had any problems with it while it's in-transit. See who could ship it via the most direct route.

Last but not least, the last thing you need would be problems with US Customs upon entering the US and the TSA for bag searches if you did check it as luggage or carried it with you. While you would most likely pre-clear US Customs in Canada, it could potentially arouse suspicision if they search it or have any dogs on hand -- then you have the possibility you could get positive hits with TSA bag searches and any dogs which might be used for luggage screening.

I don't know if I'd trust something of value via international snail mail -- thus a courier service which provides full tracking services and customs assistance is likely your best bet. I personally use UPS for my international shipping needs and they've always been there to bat for me when I need to get something through customs in another nation in an expidited matter.

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Someone brought an enigma coding machine through my checkpoint once. That was too cool getting to see one of those up close. It even had the book with it as well.
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