Question for TSAers re toys and security

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Question for TSAers re toys and security

We have a few toys that play music or have moveable parts that are covered by cloth that I would like to take for a long flight and I was wondering if security would just have a field day with them? We are also taking along a Baby Leap Frog will that be a problem? We are trying to take the easiest toys because we want to make it as easy as possible but did not know what would be a problem.

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If you check it in there should be no problem. If you carry it, it should also be okay but you never know. Worst they might just ask you to check it in.
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Wink Electronic Toys

You can take the toys as carry ons. All toys must go to the X Ray machine.

If they are electronics toys take them out of the bag and place them in a bin by themselves. Like Laptops too many wires and batteries ussually get check.

So to expedite the process if the toy has wires and batteries, pull them out and place then in a bin. If your child in holding the toys wait until the last minute to take it away from him/her (no crying or tamtrums).
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