U.S. looks to extend intelligence at sea, borders

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U.S. looks to extend intelligence at sea, borders

Colorado Springs, Colo. - The U.S. Northern Command, after accelerating homeland security efforts in air and space, is launching new initiatives to bring technical intelligence collection and biometric technology to maritime operations of the Coast Guard and Navy. Mexico border operations, in joint efforts with the Border Patrol, also are being accelerated this fall.


But at a forum earlier this month, co-sponsored by the Northern Command and Norad with the new Homeland Defense Foundation, Pentagon officials discussed new efforts to extend advanced military technologies to law enforcement officials, border officers under the Department of Homeland Security and Coast Guard officials. Eberhart said defense and intelligence agencies already have significantly reduced their jealousies in the way they coordinate domestic operations and there is no reason to expect interagency rivalries as the Pentagon works with state and local officials.


How can this be accomplished in the environment of tighter intelligence restrictions on the domestic front? McHale said that the Pentagon must be a "consumer" of domestic intelligence when it is forbidden by law to collect it itself, which might entail relying on law enforcement networks or foreign sources. Col. Punch Moulton of the Reserve Joint Task Force on the Northern Command staff said that "local first responders don't have the clearance to use classified Defense Department networks, but we need to work out ways to let local authorities use classified DOD resources."

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