Sterile Transit [which airports offer this?]

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Sterile Transit [which airports offer this?]

Hi there

Does anyone know if there's a list of countries/airports that permit sterile transit - (primarily but not exclusively to avoid USA immigration)?


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Hi Michelle. Sorry, could you clarify what you mean? Do you want to go somewhere from the UK but want to avoid having to connect in the US and do immigration there?
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There's no transit security at Doha when I arrive from Australia, but we have been made to go through transit security arriving from the UK/Europe.
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Immigration/customs can't be avoided but can be done abroad at a few airports - e.g. AUH, DUB - depending on the airline.
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Where are you planning to go ?
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I figured this post was a no-brainer for an "Asking for a friend." modifier.
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You will avoid US immigration if you don't fly via the US.

For a more detailed answer a a more detailed question is required.
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You'll need to be (quite a bit) more specific as to, at a minimum, where you're coming from, where you're going to, and what precisely you class as "sterile".

If you're looking to enter the USA without going through US immigration, that is, well, unlikely to happen.
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From the phrasing I think the OP means that their origin and destination are both outside the US, but they have a connection at a US airport and want to make the connection by remaining in the sterile area prior to immigration and customs, so they can only go through customs at their destination. An example would be flying from a Mexican origin to a Canadian destination, with a stop in the middle of the US.
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As others have noted, the question cannot be answered simply on "what countries or airports permit sterile transit" (ie. international transit). There are many factors that apply, particularly the nationality(ies) of the specific passenger and which passport(s) the passenger is using as well as the visa status of the passenger and the countries being traveled to/from, length of time of the transit interval, other stops in the itinerary, and others.

For example, see the guidance provided at this link: Airport Transit Visa ( for an example of how complicated it can be.

If you can provide more specifics about the passenger(s) and the itinerary then some folks here might be able to give more information.
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I believe there is no possibility of sterile transit through the US at all - you will need a transit visa or other US visa for any international transit at any US airport. Other countries do have arrangements for sterile transit but as mentioned above by Section 107 it is a complex area with no clear-cut answer without knowing your travel plans, nationality, etc.
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