TSA luggage inspection notices

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TSA luggage inspection notices

I canít think when I last got one of those little notices indicating that my bag had been searched by TSA.

Are they no longer placing them in bags? I recently had an aluminum runnersí relay baton go missing. (I use it in a presentation). I might have left it somewhere, but none of the hosts have seen it. Iím starting to wonder if an overzealous agent pulled it from my bag... but since there was no notice, I have no idea if my bag was searched.
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I just had a notice in a bag a couple of months ago. I haven't heard of any change in procedure. Which isn't to say that a TSA clerk couldn't have neglected to put the notice in your bag after opening it (or that someone other than TSA may have taken the item from your bag.)
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Had one recently but it was coming BACK from an international trip which is the first for me.
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I just traveled internationally from the U.S. and found the notice in my bag when I arrived at my destination. I mistakenly put a lock (that I thought was TSA compliant, but wasn't) on it. The lock had been cut off and taped to the notice.
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Had one on Saturday on a flight from SFO-IAH-MSY.
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Thanks, all! I travel with a pelican case full of trade show material. I lock it so thereís something holding it together if the TSA agents fail to latch it completely. Because of the lock, I figure itís been a candidate for higher scrutiny.

Last year I did around 30 flights, and I bet I had notices on nearly half of them. I canít think of the last time I was greeted with a notice on opening it.

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I had a notice coming back from Hawaii two weeks ago, but not on the trip there. I didn't add anything that would have set off the inspection.
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The baton has been found by one of my presentation hosts!

I shouldnít have been so quick to suspect TSA.
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Mixed experiences in the last month:

1. TSA inspected my bag, but didn't leave a note. The way I know they inspected my bag is that they unlocked the built-in lock but didn't put it back. I didn't notice this for a while because it was still possible to engage the zipper pulls into the lock, but changing the combination made no difference whatsoever -- i.e. I could always open the bag no matter what the dials said because they had left the lock in the unlocked position. I Googled and found this travel.stackexchange.com post suggesting that (a) they aren't even supposed to be able to remove the key in the unlocked position (b) you can just insert a small screwdriver or similar object and force it locked again and it'll work again (this may vary by suitcase? it worked for my Tumi). This was on a US domestic trip.

2. Different trip, same bag, basically identical contents, I *suspect* they inspected the bag -- I am OCD about resetting the dials to 0-0-0 and they weren't that way when I received the bag -- but can't prove it wasn't just slippage. This was returning from Europe to the US. No notice was left inside the bag. (I guess I also don't know whether it was inspected in Europe or on domestic re-check in the US)

3. Same trip as (2), my mom's suitcase had the TSA paper notice inside it that they inspected it. This explained why one of the zipper pulls was completely broken off and the lock no longer operable (couldn't be opened even after entering the correct combination). The note does indicate that although they regret it they will break their way in if they can't open the lock easily, for security reasons.
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Moving to the Practical Travel Safety and Security Issues forum for further discussion. Thanks.

/JY1024, TravelBuzz moderator
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I travel with a tool kit and when I leave from LAX I never see the TSA inspection paper. Almost every airport I go to on the return trip has the inspection notice in the tool kit. One note, is that every time I go to Pittsburgh they take off the TSA compliant lock and never replace it. I'm getting tired of making a claim for the missing lock. They always deny the claim the first time, then I reapply and they pay.
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