Are coffee grinders allowed in hand luggage?

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Are coffee grinders allowed in hand luggage?

Does TSA/Canadian inspectors generally allow regular old coffee grinders in hand luggage? Mine has two blades, you can find a million like it on Amazon. Just flew and they glanced at it (but seemed more concerned with my coffee beans), but I'm a bit more concerned about searching now that I'm heading back into the US from Canada and appear to have already been picked out for secondary screening (can't check in with Delta, a tell take sign, evidently) in Montreal (you do customs here, not in the US). Not worth it to me to pay to check the bag, but also don't want to have to buy another grinder.
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I carry a grinder with me ON EVERY TRIP. I have a hand grinder in my 22" roller (CARRY ON ONLY) every trip of the last 4+ years. Before that, I used the two blade one you're talking about (but blade grinders like this heat up beans as they are ground and change the taste, so now I mostly only use a burr (plate) grinder type).

I've never had any TSA even ask about it, look at it, anything.
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I travel with a hand-crank ceramic grinder (Porlex). I've had a couple of instances where they wanted to take a closer look at it (mostly at international ports) but it's never been an issue.
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I've traveled through Toronto and Montreal airports with a Magic Bullet blender in my carry-on as recently as March/April and had no problem (coming and going from Europe) so I would think a coffee grinder would be ok.
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