Weird US-Canada Day Trip Question

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Weird US-Canada Day Trip Question

Plan on doing a mileage run in the near future that would take me from the US (more than likely from LGA to YYZ or YUL on WestJet) and then back to the US on either Delta/American all in one day. I obviously know the passport requirement/passing through Canada immigration/security/US Customs, but how do I explain to the agent in YYZ/YUL that I am literally flying back to the US in a few hours? Is that OK or will that deem me extremely suspicious? Do I even offer up that information?
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Is it that odd? I imagine plenty of plenty drive across the border for the day. Probably less who do it flying, but probably not unheard of.
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Don't volunteer information but if they ask be honest.
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I've driven across the border and back in a day withe no issue. I doubt flights would be that much different. They most likely won't care, just be honest in what you're doing. If you're really worried about it, try to lengthen the day trip so you have enough time to leave the airport, head into the city and go back. I'm sure plenty of business travelers have made day trips to Toronto or Montreal from NY.
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Don't be surprised or lie.

Common questions for Americans entering Canada
1. Do you have any gifts?
2. What is the purpose of your visit?
3. Do you have any guns?

Common questions for Americans entering the U.S. from Canada
1. How long were you away?
2. Do you have any food (asked more at airports than land crossings)
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Why on earth would anyone care? If they don't think you will do something bad, then they won't even ask any questions. If they do think you might do something bad, then all they need to do is satisfy themselves that you won't.

Lots of people have meetings in foreign countries and do day trips. I've done that several times a year for the last 30 years. For many flights, I would suspect that more than half the plane is doing exactly that.
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just dont start your response with "the internet told me to tell you..."
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If asked just state the truth - you're on a mileage run. Trust me, you won't be the first mileage runner they have seen. If by chance you get a newbie officer who doesn't know, just explain it.
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I can't think of how many people a day fly up and back to Canada or the other way. It is a non-issue. The reason for your visit is a common question and you should simply answer that.
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This is no big deal. I've done it going SFO-YVR-SFO in a day. If they ask, tell them it's just a short visit.
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I tell the bank what I'm doing - manufactured spend, and they're fine. When I go to Windsor from Detroit to pick up prescriptions in a two hour round trip I tell CBP what I did and they're fine. You're not doing anything illegal.
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Just be honest, might require some extra explaining, but it should be no problem.

Had a daytrip to LAX last year, when asked why I was going I said In-N-Out burgers and plane watching. "Have fun" was all the response I got.

*Mileage runs or FT meet-ups when using a rural land crossing take A LOT more explaining.
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Originally Posted by nomadic.relief View Post
*Mileage runs or FT meet-ups when using a rural land crossing take A LOT more explaining.
oh that is SO true

Mrs767 and I had a rather interesting (but fortunately rather brief) chat with an officer at Langley/Aldergrove (hardly rural, but far less traveled than Peace Arch) last year on our way to the Vancouver DO ... it probably helped that I knew several attendees by their full name rather than just their FT screen persona
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It's not uncommon for day trips for business meetings.
That could (and has) included flying from USA to CA for meetings (both DH and I have done this, separately, to Ottawa).

There are any number of international flights like this one could take, including elsewhere, without even needing a "miles excuse".
Point is, it's not a big deal.
Just explain it, but only if asked (and they usually do ask purpose of visit).
Don't lie, lest your body language speak nervously for you. That could delay things...

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Originally Posted by Toshbaf View Post
Common questions for Americans entering the U.S. from Canada
1. How long were you away?
2. Do you have any food (asked more at airports than land crossings)
Apropos of that, it's worth keeping in mind that the duty free exemption is lower for stays shorter than 48 hours.
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