List of airport backscatter to be removed

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List of airport backscatter to be removed

Can we compile a list of airports the backscatter will be removed from and replaced with metal detectors? It would be good to maintain a list of "safe" airports.
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Backscatter not going away...

According to this source, only the Rapidscan brand scanners are going away. Future scanners with the new software will include a mix of MMW and backscatter.
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Thanks for the link. All Rapiscan Secure 1000 single pose AIT scanners will be removed from US airports on or before the 1st of June 2013. The removal of these scanners does not eliminate backscatter as new contracts for replacement scanners are being issues for both millimeter wave and backscatter. These new AIT scanners incorporate the Automated Target Recognition software which offers more passenger personal privacy as well as an easier interface for operators.

Personally l'd like to see the TSA revisit the Iscon thermal AIT scanners. The agency previously purchased roughly 20 of the the 1000D models trained TSOs on them , then shelved them in favour of additional Rapiscan Secure 1000 scanners. The Iscon thermal AIT scanners emit no radiation,had a significantly lower false alarm average and had comparable processing speeds.
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