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The Future of Airport Security. Or Not.

Up now in Patrick Smith's ASK THE PILOT on Salon.com:


A look at CrewPASS, TSA, and IATA's big plans.

Plus, another you-can't-make-this-up moment from the checkpoint.

"... The IATA proposal is a great idea, but sadly it's a long way off. And while it is liable to be welcomed in Europe and the rest of the world, we cynics expect strong resistance from TSA. Not because TSA feels it's a bad idea, per se, but because the IATA plan diametrically opposes much of what TSA does, and would require TSA to relinquish a good deal of its power and control. TSA is essentially in the business of search and seizure -- of stripping people down, literally and figuratively, and confiscating their hardware. IATA's strategy is based primarily on the gathering and interpreting of intelligence...

... In the meantime, it's oddly reassuring to remind ourselves that despite what whiners like me often lead the public to believe, American airports do not, it turns out, hold a monopoly when it comes to lunatic and irrational security policies. For example, here's what happened to me a few weeks ago flying home from Asia ..."

The FULL story is here…

The BLOG button will take you to the article.

Entry to Salon.com and ASK THE PILOT is always free.
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Duplicate thread!!


Mods, please locked the thread for me, please. Thanks!
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Actually, this is not a duplicate.. this thread is referring to the Patrick Smith column, in which he discusses the Economist article.

I thought Patrick Smith nailed it in the first quote. The TSA will never go for a plan that involves them relinquishing their power to confiscate our 4 oz shampoo bottles!
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