Fixed phone bill for all of N. America....

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Fixed phone bill for all of N. America....

I have heard of some phone companies that offer a fixed rate including local service for Canada & the 50 states. Any one know of this?


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You can try IDT, it offers unlimited calling in the continental U.S. for $39.95 (+ tax)
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Lightbulb Alternatives

Another alternative might be an Internet Phone Service.

The two best known are Vonage.Com and Packet8.Net. I personally went with Packet8 for unlimited calls to the 50 states and Canada, for $19.95 a month. (Note: If you do an internet search for PACKET8 and DISCOUNT CODE, you may find a discount for free installation and setup).

The units generally work the same. You hook the small box up to your router and high speed internet connection. You choose the inbound area code and city and people in that city can call you as a local call.

For Packet8, the unit is the size of a wallet and has 3 connections, a LAN connector, a power connector and a place to plug in a phone like a regular touch-tone phone. You could plug multiple phones into the unit...

I've had a few times where the phone connection was not all that great, but I was downloading massive sized files at the time.

You may not be able to dial 911 or 411 on these services, but they may come with call-waiting, 3-way calling, hold, voice mail, call-forwarding, etc.

The only way you would get FF miles for these services is to pay for them using an affinity credit card.
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Tagline rates from 3.3 cents including Canada

Tagline provides flat rate per month, price include access from any phone or on-line with no calling card, on line faxing (Rec and send at no additional fee) Voice messanging, email, call screening, custom greetings and voice activation. find out more 1-866-716-8792
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1-800-cucumber. fixed all for 40 a month
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