Help! Sprint Stopped Sending Miles to NW

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Help! Sprint Stopped Sending Miles to NW

Does anyone have a suggestion for resolving this situation?

Last August, about a year into my 40,000 mile Sprint/NW promo, sprint stopped sending the miles to NW. they continued to provide service, continued to bill for the frequent flyer miles, but they never got transferred over. And this included a 10,000 mile bonus!

Several phone calls over the past few months resulted in nothing. Sprint insists they sent the miles. My account says otherwise.

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Sprint, if you have not already discovered it, does not care much about customer service. This means it will do little, if anything, to resolve customer disputes or problems, and will frequently not even respond. If its worth your time, you can take them to small claims court, as at least one other FTer has already done, successfully. See this thread:
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Thanks, Ohmark, for directing me to the correct thread. I learned a lot from it.

No, I won't file a lawsuit as here in Florida it is a very expensive proposition to do so. but I will follow up in other ways, as per the various suggestions on the thread.
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Here's what I do when I have a problem with Sprint...write a letter and submit back-up (if you've still got an offer)...I have Sprint PCS and they have since assigned me a personal "representative" and I got a new cell phone as well...
Write it too their Exec Team (go to the investor relations and see who their various corporate VPs are...also get their mailing address from their annual report if you can't find it freely on the website..screw customer's a waste of time)
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