question about that 40,000 mile sprint-NWA promo

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question about that 40,000 mile sprint-NWA promo

Who remembers that monster 40,000 miles sprint-NWA promotion over 1 1/2 years a while ago?

Well I ran into a problem ...... I moved, and my phone got disconnected for a couple of days, and as a result my sprint account got automatically cancelled. When I called sprint to roll the account over to my new line (which they were able to do in the past), they said that I could not get my last 10,000 miles (which were due in ONE MONTH) because the account had been cancelled when I moved.

Now this was not the case in the past, you could easily suspend your account and restart it and continue with the promotion, as I have done before.

Can anything be done? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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They're hassling me too. Haven't posted miles in 3 months, for no discernable reason. I am not happy.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by manish:
Can anything be done? Your help is greatly appreciated.</font>
What does it say in your contract w/Sprint regarding this?

Seems the latest Sprint partner is UA, wise-move!
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I have been fighting Sprint since April 2002. I originally signed up with Spint NorthWest in 1999 and called them to cancel my service in 12/01 becuase I was moving in 2 weeks. I was then promised an additional 25,000 miles if I stayed with them through the move and they miles were to be awarded at 5,000 per month. Well, I didn't have my new number yet, so she told me to call back when I got it. I received the first block of 5,000 miles but they stopped after the first month. I have called them at least 2-3 times per month, writing letters, speaking to managers and finally go them a few minths ago to admit the rep made a mistake becuase the miles would be lost when the old numebr was disconnected.

The Service manager told me that they can no longer issue NWA miles in the system as the have switched partners, she instead told me should could give me 10,000 miles in Alaska. Well, I said no thanks, because I don't fly them and I told them I was complaining to the FCC.

Once I found out about their deal with UA, I asked for the 10,000 miles in UA. The manager is no longer there and I am starting over again with someone else. I faxed her the original letter and she called back to say she would review it and let me know in a week. It's been 2 MONTHS and no response.

How about we get as many of us together and file a class action. I am sure there are enoghh plaintiffs out there to make it profitable. Maybe we can at least use some leverage to get a settlement.

Any ideas?

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Just had 10k miles post last night. Only 10k more to go (coming in April, I hope). For some reason, the 5 mi/dollar isn't posting... but at least the 10k showed up.

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I never received any miles from sprint on this promotion. They said that since I was a customer 18 MONTHS prior to this promotion I was not entitled!! I have ever had that problem come up with any other carrier, but now I'm having fun trying to get MCI to pony up their miles with NWA!!
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