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EMD Jun 23, 99 12:24 pm

Sprint "Loyalty" Miles????
I just got my NW Worldperks statement and there were 1000 Sprint "loyalty" miles on it??? I change carriers all the time - I'm never even sure who I have at any given moment - was this part of the 25K promotion?

yeelam Jun 23, 99 12:30 pm

I don't know, but it happened to me when I was with MCI. I got 500 miles for no reason (and you can't check from your airline statement why because it just says from whom and when).

Tolarian Wind Jun 24, 99 11:14 am


If you use MCI and sign up for online customer service you can see the mileage transfers that have been made and a description of them. You need to click on the link in the airline partner section. Maybe Sprint has something similar


My error. I initially said online billing when I meant online customer serivce

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[This message has been edited by Tolarian Wind (edited 06-24-1999).]

BIM Jun 24, 99 11:40 am

You might want to check with who you think is your current Long Distance provider, to make sure you haven't been "slammed" (changed without your permission)!

yeelam Jun 24, 99 11:54 am

Thanks for your tip TW, I'll try that out and no more wondering-why-miles.

tweetyflyer Jun 30, 99 12:01 pm

Sprint is offering a bonus (I don't recall all of the details). It reads something to the effect of "for each NW flight segment you take between X and Y, you will receive 500 bonus NW miles". I received a flyer about 1 or 2 months ago about it. I haven't received a statement, so I don't know if I've received the miles.

MilesNut Jul 2, 99 9:08 pm

Tolarian Wind........Thank you so much for the tip about MCI. I never knew that you could check your miles transfer on your MCI on line account.


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