MCI and onesuite

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MCI and onesuite

We have a cottage in which the phone is rarely used and will be reconnecting the service for the summer. Can I sign up for long distance service only (thus a NW activity for the 10,000 miles) ,but use my # to make my local phone calls-thus not paying for a local service which really isn't used. We do have cell phones, but they don't always pick up in our area. Anyone done this??
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by janpacs:
....Can I sign up for long distance service only (thus a NW activity for the 10,000 miles) ,but use my # to make my local phone calls-thus not paying for a local service which really isn't used....</font>
Welcome to FlyerTalk janpacs. I believe the phone company that provides your "dial tone" (i.e. your phone service) will require you to designate a local carrier. Also, I don't believe you may designate a long distance carrier without designating a local carrier. I could be mistaken, regulations vary nationwide but I doubt if various tariffs, your state's Public Utilities Commission or phone company policy allow it. Perhaps a knowledgeable phone company rep can chime in here. A call to your local phone company should resolve any concerns or carrier issues. By the way, you may select the same carrier for both your local toll and long distance services, if the carrier is tariffed in your state to carry both types of traffic. You may also choose two different tariffed carriers.

For MCI to complete their work order and to credit any applicable miles, it will be necessary that you actually have your phone service (dial tone) turned on. Depending on the terms of the promotion, MCI may require you to designate MCI for both local toll and long distance traffic, in states where they are tariffed to carry both. Of course, once you have a dial tone, you are always free to use it any way you choose. For instance, using as a "dial-around" is one example. Overall, I've been very pleased with OneSuite. How sweet it is (to save so much $$$)! I almost feel guilty.

To prevent my phone lines from being "slammed," (carrier changed without my authorization), having been there and done that, I always place a "pic freeze" on both my local toll and long distance carriers. However, prior to changing phone carriers, it is necessary to remove any pic freezes so that the orders can be promptly processed. As a suggestion, leave them unfrozen during the entire process even though the new carrier pic codes may be in place at some point during the transition. I learned this the hard way once and my order was delayed, even though the new carrier pic codes were correct. Once the entire order process is completed, refreeze!

To verify existing carriers, these are the numbers that work for me from my landline phones, at no charge:
  • Long Distance Carrier Verification - 1.700.555.4141
  • Local Toll Carrier Verification - 700.4141

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When you register for the MCI 10,000 mile promotion, you can sign up for any plan they offer at this time. I have a no monthly fee, no monthly minimum plan which I don't think they offer any longer. Last time I looked, the least expensive plan offered was one with a $2.95 monthly fee. I too, have used for almost two years and could not be more pleased. There truly are no hidden charges. Welcome to FlyerTalk.
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I signed up for MCI for 10K Delta miles. I just signed up and have nothing in writing showing the offer for 10k Free Miles.

Does anybody have anything that they can send me to support my claim for 10k in miles?
I am looking for any offer available from either MCI or Delta.



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