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Gretchen Aug 11, 01 2:27 pm

MCI Mail Offer for 5,000 miles + calling card
Hubby received offer in mail for 5,000 UA miles + $50 free calling card. The phone is in my name. I'm thinking of calling the phone company and having the phone changed to both our names, then accepting the offer. I have gotten the 5,000 miles several times so I don't think MCI will let me have them again. Any thoughts?

sim Aug 16, 01 7:41 am

We have a total of 4 lines 3 of which are in my husbands name and 1 joint. I have had no problem using my FF# on any account and have also used my daughters. Not sure you need to call phone company to add a name I never have. I told MCI phone was in husbands name and they said no problem.

flowerchild Aug 16, 01 11:22 pm

When you sign up with MCI, check your account on line. They had added a personal 800#, which was never mentioned nor requested, plus other "options". I can only imagine how much the first bill would have been had I not been watching them. I received an e-mail today telling me I wasn't eligible for the 5000 miles, when I called CS said she would fix it and miles would appear in 24 hrs. Seeing is believing.

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bigbroinca Aug 17, 01 2:25 pm

I signed up with MCI a year ago when we lived in NY. I received 10k miles as a bonus. Upon re-locating out here to California I again signed up with MCI, only I used my wife's frequent flier number to again receive the bonus. MCI does check to make sure that they don't give 'sign up' bonuses to the same customer.

JGill Sep 9, 01 3:35 pm

I moved and got a 2,000 mile "come back" offer. I am wondering how I can get a 5,000 mile offer.


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