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BSL Aug 22, 99 12:16 pm

MCI Posting wrong... but I'm loving it!
After much fighting to get my one line signed up on the 25K promotion, I recently compared my MCI statement online with my Onepass statement. I'm not going to complain about anything regarding miles right now. I have only one line on MCI and this is how they are posting to my account:

June's usage of 45 miles on MCI posted as 465 miles on Onepass.

An MCI showed an enrollment bonus of 2000 (???) that then posted as 5000.(6/23/99)

My MCI online account now shows that each month they are giving me enrollment bonuses of 5000 and 1000 with same day posting.

So far MCI has posted 3420 miles to my Onepass account without reason and it appears that on MCI's next update I stand to get 2000 extra. I'll keep you posted regarding the duration of the 5000 + 1000 mile enrollment bonuses.


evanjill Sep 16, 99 8:23 am


How long after you signed up for the 25k promotion should I wait until I see the first bonus miles posting? I switched over to MCI about a month or so ago and have yet to see any bonus miles.

Same goes for my switch over to Sprint on my second phone line. I signed up on July 30th and have yet to see any of those bonus miles posting either.


BSL Sep 16, 99 10:57 am

I have been very patient with Sprint and still nothing has been posted to my NW account. (Hence I switched it back to CO whenI found out I could for the 25K.)

I would suggest that you take advantage of the online account information provided by MCI. This way you can see the miles posting to your MCI account then they take a week or two to post to your airline account.

Give Sprint a call and have them look in to the delay. Get it fixed, then call MCI if you would rather have the miles on another airline.


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