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tasnam Jul 26, 99 10:49 pm

Clear Info Needed
I understand from several sources that if you charge your MCI bill to AMEX (Delta Skymiles card for me) you receive extra miles (MCI saya Delta posts them) I have been charging for quite some time but have yet to notice where they are...who has gotten them that can reply from experiance?

Thank You

henwood Jul 26, 99 10:59 pm

You will always get 5 miles per $ spent from MCI, posted by MCI to your FF account, regardless of how you pay your bill.
But by paying with your Skymiles card, you also get 1 mile per $ spent from AMEX, posted by AMEX.
It could be a large bonus if you have large phone bills. Plus no checks to mail to MCI every month.

MilesNut Jul 29, 99 7:11 am

If you're going to sign up with MCI be sure to call: 1-800-269-2292 And ask for plan Z25D. That is the only plan that will give you the 25K bonus miles for signing on. MCI has lots of different plans going on & they will be more than happy to give you one with a much smaller sign on bonus so be sure to tell them what you want.


bokich Jul 29, 99 7:41 am

milesnut - Do you know if this is limited to any particular airline, or will it work with any of the airlines which MCI is partnered with?

How recently have you taken advantage of this?

doc Jul 29, 99 8:30 am

This MCI deal is supposedly limited only to residents of Iowa, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee and Washington for some reason so you may have trouble getting it in Maine.

American - Z25A
Continental - Z25C
Delta - Z25D

TravelLover Jul 29, 99 9:58 am

In typical MCI fashion what I was told over the phone ended up being different from what I got but I'm still not complaining. I live in Wisconsin and just switched one of my lines (back) to MCI. I didn't have the codes handy so I asked about a 25k deal on American; they told me that it was available and that I'd get 5,000 miles a month for five months. When the paperwork arrived the actual deal is 2,500 miles a month for ten months. Still not a bad deal, especially since I immediately switched my line to MCI One Net (9 cents/minute 24/6, 5 cent/minute on Sundays).

Here-I-Go Jul 29, 99 10:24 am

Please see next note

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Here-I-Go Jul 29, 99 10:26 am

5 cent Saturdays may be free for the asking too! They were when I signed up, although they wern't offer . . . I had to request that perk. You might call and ask . . .

bokich Jul 30, 99 8:48 pm

doc, so I'll go out on a limb here....United's code would be....725U?

(The danger, of course, is that I'm applying logical reasoning to a type of program that isn't necessarily always logical.

henwood Jul 30, 99 10:51 pm

The MCI One Net plan for 9 cents/min 6 days a week is only good for state to state long distance. I don't think it applies to in-state long distance calls if you have MCI for that also.
Just a point to ponder.

Schutzee Aug 3, 99 1:56 pm

So far I have signed up 6 lines for 25K each.
United is not participating. With American, MCI posts 2500 each month which is matched by American. Delta and Continental are posted as 5000 from MCI. Be sure to check the welcome package you receive. Look for 25,000 bonus offer. Several times the mailed info didn't match what I was told on the phone. If yours is incorrect, don't waste hours on the phone; e-mail MCI at: [email protected] Expect a response in a few days, and then you have everything in writing !

P.S. I am in NY

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[This message has been edited by Schutzee (edited 08-03-1999).]

travelmore Aug 3, 99 2:13 pm

Six lines with bonus miles for six frequent flyer accounts? Or all into one account? I was under the impression that one frequent flyer account could only receive miles from MCI for one line?

Schutzee Aug 3, 99 6:04 pm

I signed 2 lines under my AAdvantage number. When I tried for the third, MCI said only one 25K bonus per airline account, but since they had signed me up twice, they would give me the full 50K. To date, I have received 30K.For the other lines ( including cellular) I went with one Delta, one Continental, and one for my 5 year old daughter's AAdvantage account. If you call MCI and don;t like what you hear, call back and try again. You will get a different answer every time !!!

knowitall Aug 3, 99 9:57 pm

In April I signed up for the 25M promo with both Delta & American. Thus far, I've had 3 months @ 5M/mo on each program, total of 15M X 2 =30M so far, with 2 months to go. Delta posts 5M once/month, but American posts 2500 2X/mo for same total. Totally satisfied so far.

toppshelff Aug 3, 99 10:00 pm CO account jumped up suddenly by...25K. I signed up just last month for MCI using Z25C. I thought I had to collect 5K/month. I will confirm that this 25K at once is the case. Imagine 25K for one month's worth of long distance...

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