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tasnam Jul 26, 99 10:53 pm

800 number
About a month ago MCI's residential partner phone number (800-754-7076) allowed you to check (by menu options) your current miles pending as well as miles sent in the past months...but now I can't get that number to get me to that menu,(back to talking to a rep with each call).
Any numbers you folks have come across that will give you this info without talking to someone?

Scott the flier Jul 27, 99 10:55 am

Tasnam ----- The 800 number for checking your on-line status of miles etc is:


All you do is key in your phone number with area code and off you go.

Cheers Scott

Eugene Jul 27, 99 11:49 am

Another option is to use MCI's online customer service at You can view your bills (current and several prior ones), as well as miles sent to your FF account.

tasnam Jul 27, 99 9:51 pm

Thanks a Million Miles for the info, it answered my question!!!!

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