Anyone choose not to keep a LD carrier?

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Anyone choose not to keep a LD carrier?

A question...anybody have experience with not having a long distance carrier such as ATT? Although I am currently on a no monthly fee plan, I am thinking about dropping to avoid the surcharges and start using lower rate calling cards. Are there any negatives to not keeping a LD company and I assume you are still able to dial 800 numbers. Any feedback is appreciated.
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A few years ago I tried to drop LD on my second home line that I used for the modem. Bell Atlantic wanted to charge me $2 a month to NOT have a provider. I kept the provider that I had at the time and switched to a cable internet service.
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It all depends on who your local carrier is as to what is charged for not having an LD carrier. In my area (suburban Philly) Verizon does not charge if you do not have a carrier. I haven't had a carrier for the last few years; however, I recently went with AT&T for the 5,000 mile Continental bonus. They have a plan with no monthly fees, minumum usage, etc. The rates are higher, but I'll never use it. I prefer to use a 10-10 number or calling card at 3.5 cents a minute.
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If you have no LD carrier, what happens when you dial a LD number?


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You can be grandfathered into not having a carrier and the fee must be waived.

Without a LD carrier, no toll calls (including Operator calls) are allowed. BTW, lots of people opt to do this anyway (beach houses that are rented out, etc.)
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My carrier is charging a $5/month fee starting May 1 and I will cancel them. Prior to this one, I had a carrier that went bankrupt and I could *not* dial 800 numbers. I've just started to look into this, was told by a friend that if no carrier, and I dial one, the call gets rotated among whatever services are in the queue. That I should select the local service carrier, Pac Bell, for local toll calls and then I could dial 800 and ... Maybe I should accept one of the mileage deals. Are there any now with no monthly fees? I'm planning to use, or Net2Phone. I think the first two are easier from home.

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