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JustinCredible Jul 4, 99 11:49 am

AT&T Bastards
I have several issues with AT&T. First, they slammed both of my phone lines in the middle of my 25,000 mile/MCI deal-- killing it.

When I demanded that I receive a check for $100 for each line as a result of the illegal switch-- the customer service manager told me I was being "unreasonable".

Unreasonable? That is a legimate offer that they send out to new customers...

Now, I still haven't received Hilton HHonors points and US Airway miles from two previous switches.

Whenever you call-- they give you an "Executive Office" that you leave a message with and they will get back to you by the end of the week.

Never hear back from them... and still no adjustments for past promotions.

What is the best way for someone to avoid the "run around" with AT&T and get credited miles when you are no longer with that long distance carrier?

Can somebody in Congress pass a law that demands that rewards points be credited in a timely basis... ok, maybe I am being a little ridiculous...

arturo Jul 4, 99 1:47 pm

arturo thenk yu dun wrong senor credable.

butt arturo alsow thenk yu knot kneed to use the werd yu use. ether yur vokabulary very lettle or yu knot know eny better. ef yu knot know eny better, thin now yu doo. ef yu ixpand yur werds yu knot use the werd yu use. mebe yu tri "att slam me and cheet me out of mils."

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Comicwoman Jul 4, 99 3:56 pm

Justin, I bet you are a big South Park fan.

wanderlust Jul 9, 99 10:05 am

Sign a "block" at your local phone company. This will insure no slamming ever takes place on your service - by law it will not change unless you give your WRITTEN consent.

AT&T did the same to me several years back, so I signed this form at my local company. Three times, AT&T sent me a $100 check. Three times I cashed it and three times AT&T begged me to tell my local phone company to let me change my long distance carrier to AT&T. I guess they finally got the hint. To this day, I've never allowed AT&T near my phone and I walked away with the $300. Now that's sweet revenge without the profanity.

Mahalo brudda!

ranles Jul 9, 99 10:52 am

Small claims court?? Up to $5000 in CA.

yeelam Jul 9, 99 3:29 pm

What a nice tip and trick, wanderlust.

JustinCredible Jul 9, 99 11:21 pm

I do have the block on now but I like the cash the check and never switch routine...

Excellent tip.

Small claims court-- how would I proceed with that?

I am in Florida... how can I find out what laws there are in Florida regarding illegal slamming?

pgupta011 Jul 10, 99 1:30 am

As mentioned, one BIG negative with AT&T is that once you are no longer a customer with them they will completely block off your points which you earned with them as a customer. Once I lost about 3K miles that I had earned with them.

MileKing Jul 10, 99 9:55 am

I lost 5000 Marriott points last year when I switched to AT&T because I didn't keep them for 30 days. The offer said switch and you get the points (nothing about minimum time you had to be with AT&T). When I called to complain about not getting the points, they told me that since I switched back in less than 30 days I couldn't get the points (even though I had paid for a 30-day period). Called Marriott and was told in March that they had spoken with AT&T and that they were "making an exception" and the points would post within 4 months! End of this month is 4 months and I haven't seen the points yet. August 1 another call goes to Marriott - I feel more confident about getting the points if they fight this battle with AT&T.

Now with MCI (and pretty happy). I too have put a block on my long distance service. I love the idea of cashing the checks and not switching. I have a check from AT&T right now and may do just that for the aggravation they put me through.

pgupta011 Jul 10, 99 11:38 am

My situation with them was worse because I had them for several months, called them to transfer my points (you had to call to transfer), and they said that they would transfer to United miles. But the transfer itself takes a while and since I cancelled in that period they refused to honor the transfer.

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Djlawman Jul 18, 99 1:00 pm

Sorry guys, but I have to disagree with this "cash the check and refuse to switch" scam. The check reads that cashing it authorizes your local phone company to switch you to ATT. If you put a "block" on and then cash the check but refuse to allow your phone to be switched, I believe you are committing fraud. It is only because of the limited amount of money involved that ATT is not coming after you. Not ethical or lawful in my opinion. I do not recommend that anyone else engage in this highly questionable practice.


kyklin Jul 19, 99 10:58 am

I agree with you, DJlawman. Economically, as they say, there's no such thing as a free lunch-- more money spent by the phone companies means higher costs for everyone. Socially/morally, if you had agreed to do something to you ought to do it.

Finished preaching...

silverpie Jul 19, 99 12:14 pm

I agree that cashing the check and not switching isn't right. On the other hand, putting a block on the line (to prevent changes) is a legitimate thing to do and a good way to keep from being slammed.

wanderlust Aug 16, 99 4:06 am

Your point is well taken. However, this was never intended to be a "scam" or any other seedy moniker you wish to apply to it. AT&T solicited me these three times, and there was nothing on those checks which indicated that I would be prosecuted if I cashed the checks and did not allow them access to my line. If they were truly offended by the cashing of their generous check, all they would have had to have done is NOT honor it. But they chose to honor it. And send me another check. Three times. And it certainly is not my responsibility, nor should it be, to police the marketing practices of the phone companies. If I don't like their service, I go elsewhere. If they don't want me as a customer, frankly, they should quit asking me to be one. And finally they got the picture...and did.

doc Aug 16, 99 7:39 pm

And while clearly not totally "kosher" for lack of a better term, technically, if not legally, wanderlust could have actually switched for a day or two and had them pay for it. Then he also could have then taken them up on their gaurantee offer to switch him back! So he wasn't "bad to the bone here!"

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