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Scott the flier Jun 18, 99 6:30 pm

AT&T keeps a calling
Has anyone else been hassled with call after call after switching from AT&T. I changed when MCI offered 10,000 UA miles and so far have recieved 16,000 total from them. I told the AT&T rep that I would come back if they offered me 50,000 UA miles, strange they haven't called back. I wonder why !!

coolbreeze Jun 19, 99 1:22 am

at&t has been in the stone age when it comes to ffliers. they don't even have a clue.
try sprint or mci......25,000 for 5 months or so of service.


they are puzzled........a check for $25 or $50 if you switch back!!!!!

DUH.....i don't think so....
i like real miles for my long distance business!!!!!!!1

KSA_USA Jun 19, 99 1:54 am

I just switched to mci after offering me 10,000 UA miles over 5 months of they offer 25,000 miles for switching?...I would like to have them.... my monthly bill goes $1000+/ I think they should offer me 25,000 miles...if they do offer them...

any comments?!!

Good Luck


wanderlust Jun 21, 99 1:16 pm

As far as I know, they're still offering this thing. There was a big To Do last month on this 25,000 mile MCI hulabalu. It's in the buzz sometime back. Couldn't find the thread, but it's there.


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Scott the flier Jun 21, 99 4:00 pm

If your phonebill is a $1000.00 a month, all I can say is at 5 miles per dollar spent. Yahoo, and I thought I was doing OK at $100.00 a month. I've found with MCI that if you can tell them that you had signed up but meant to sign up for the 25,000 mile promo they'll give it to you. I didn't even ask and I stll got it.

kyklin Jun 21, 99 7:30 pm


I would recommend you getting another phone line and get twice (or more) as much of those promotional miles/points!

MilesNut Jun 21, 99 9:23 pm


Call 1-800-269-2292 and ask for code Z25D. If you can't get it because you're already on MCI change long distance companies. Then call MCI back in a week & try again. It's 25000 miles total, 5000 a month for five months.


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KSA_USA Jun 21, 99 11:50 pm

Thank you all for all your help… worth’s more than a 1000k miles..

I called MCI as Scott directed me, I was so kind and polite when asking her to change the offer from 10k to 25k…I told the agent that I would love to be treated like a valued MCI customer specially I am putting big $$$ each month…. She put me on hold for a minute and said I would love to give you the 25k miles, but the thing is that I cant locate it anywhere….from where did you hear about it?…did you get something in the mail? Do you have any codes handy?…she asked.

No…Unfortunately no mail…no codes….just heard it from a friend that was offered 25k miles…

"Sorry, the best deal with United is the 10k miles and you are having it now"…she said.

That’s it guys….I think the 25k miles is only for DL,CO,AA…not UA…that’s why she couldn’t find it... the code for the 10k UA miles is ZTNU.

I have accounts almost with all major air lines, but all of them with ZERO activity except for UA&TWA

In the beginning I was dumb (still learning…I was transferring all my miles to Hilton ..but then I realized that I have to save some specially for upgrading..

is it still good idea to get another line and get the 25k miles?…I’ll be leaving the state in few months.

Thank you all again…..what a great group

Good Luck


MileageAddict Jun 22, 99 12:24 am

The Airline Mileage Workshop has a page devoted to sorting out the current telecommunication promotions. Check it out at:

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