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marco polo club

sorry that this is not exactly related to the passages program...i have a question on cathay's marco polo club instead...

having lived in the united states for a few years, i'm relocating back to hk...i'm wondering if cathay is willing to give elite status (eg green or gold marco polo club membership) based on elite status i have on another airline...i know this is more common among the US-based airlines...i've been a premier member with united for 4 or 5 years and just became a premier executive this year...i did on average 2 transpacific (usa - asia) trips a year...i've consistently chosen united over cathay on those flights...
because of the mileage plus program (where i get mileage accrual also for economy flights, and premier/premier executive bonuses) and also because of the substantial amount of travel i was doing within US...

now that i've relocated back to hk...i expect to be doing quite a bit of travel with cathay and dragonair within the region, in particular between hong kong and china...but the problem order to become a marco polo member, i need to have 40,000 kms (around 24,000 miles) on cathay within 6 months...dragonair flights don't count (am i right on this ??)...dragonair flights only count on membership renewal and upgrade...but somehow i think cathay and dragonair have an agreement and most routes between hk and china are serviced by dragonair...since i'll be doing the majority of my travel to china...maybe i'll have some problems making the initial 40,000 kms on cathay alone...while for membership renewal/upgrade, i guess i would have no problem because both cathay and dragonair flights count in this case...

so, any suggestions on how i can join the marco polo club, maybe based on my premier executive status on united (with at least a couple of transpacific roundtrips a year in the past few years) or my substantial number of dragonair flights ?? i'm kind of reluctant to switch over to cathay for all my transpacific trips, because of the 100% mileage bonus i'm getting with united (and no mileage accrual at all if i'm flying economy with cathay), and the high chance of getting an upgrade with united based on my previous experience...
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Actually, I would be interested in the answer to this as well as I have recently relocated to Hk from Singapore. I have been a PPS member for the last two years with a pretty hefty average kms per year. prior to that I was in Aust. where I was Qantas Gold as well. I am still Ansett Diamond. I have been in HK for 4 months and I am now Marco Polo Green (done the hard way). Would be nice if I can get to Gold or Diamond the easy way.
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