Allegiant Air Experience

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Question Allegiant Air Experience

Travelers - Has anyone flown on Allegiant Air? They have a good spring break deal from Allentown to Tampa and it's much cheaper than the "big" airlines. I will be traveling with 2 teenagers and a lap baby and want to make sure it's a good investment (as opposed to the more expensive direct flight on USAirways). Thanks.
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I flew one RT on G4 from Allentown to Orlando-Sanford and it was a pretty good experience. Free drinks, I believe, but BOB food. Every employee I came in contact with was nice, including the flight attendants. Not too much different from Southwest.
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I have some friends who fly them frequently between Greenville, SC and Tampa. They swear by Allegiant for that trip. Like the previous poster said, pretty much everything is buy-on-board, and you pay for luggage, but the flights seem to go off without a hitch and the crew is quite friendly.
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Everything is BOB on Allegiant, including drinks. I flew them SFO-BLI and everything is like a normal MD80 flight.
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I have coworkers that fly on Allegiant regularly between BLI to LAS. They think Allegiant is good value and don't have any complaints.
I haven't flown on them myself yet but have looked at them a few times (rather fly out locally versus having to deal with crossing the border). Be aware of the miscellaneous costs such as the booking fee and the checked luggage fee (cost per item in BOTH directions). From some reviews I've read, the service/experience on some routes are better/worse than others.
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They used to fly from SPI (home ), but dropped that flight.

I still believe that they have a pretty good base at St. Louis.
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They run a clean and efficient airline. I fly them as needed due to their awesome seat-filling fares. They are the fastest growing airline in America for a reason - they run a clean and efficient airline. While they are usually timely, there can be extensive delays when a mechanical does occur. This occured once in SMX and the delay for their contracted MX person to wake up and drive to the airport was a few hours. As such, I don't recommend using them to meet a mileage run. For getting from point A to point B, they are an excellent and affordable option.

As far as their hubs go, BLI, LAS, MCO-Sanford, PHX-Mesa, FLL and TPA are their major bases with HQ being in LAS.
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Found a neat trick. Book a ticket at retail, but buy the insurance for $15 per itin (not per pax). If the fare drops dramatically, cancel your ticket and rebook again sans the insurance. You will be out the cost of insurance, but won't pay any booking fees on the new flight. This prooves useful on city pairs when you book way in advance and expect the fare to drop as the date closes in. This trick saved me $100+ on a recent ticket.
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Probably notable, too, that they'll fly places like GSP or CHA but not ATL. The smaller burgs have really gotten the short end on air service, with people in a place like CHA driving to either ATL or BNA. So if an LCC like Allegiant comes in they're no doubt welcomed.

OTOH, Spirit's training me to not pay more than $9 each way (right now I can go anywhere I want as long as it's FLL).
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I didn't know G4 was still around? I flew them about 10 years ago when they had a LGB and SLC base. Are they an east coast airline now?
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I haven't flown them, but will be flying them this ski season (ex-LAS). They recently had 29 OW fares for EUG-LAS & return. I booked tickets for one of my friends & her boyfriend to come visit me in LAS (they work in non-profit & are good friends, an early xmas present) and it cost 180 RT for the two tix. Allegiant charges more ($10-15) for confirmed seats & ~$25-$35 for checked luggage (which means they may not be all that great of a value during ski season if you're checking skis & luggage). As noted also, everything is BOB as well...I don't mind giving the tix to friends (and I told them that I figured they'd do carry-on only & also that they may not be sitting together - but they're both just glad to have the tickets), but I personally, if I have the money & the costs is reasonable, would probably fly a mainline (that and they don't have any share agreements with other carriers, so if there's a mechanical, you're SOL til they have it rule 240, I think, but am not 100% sure).
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Wanted to add some follow-up observations as we just flew BLI to LAS return on Allegiant this past week. A lot of stuff people have already mentioned but I thought it'd be good go reiterate to support their comments:

- Yes, no freebies onboard. Price example: $2 for a can of pop.
- Staff (check-in, flight attendants, etc) were all friendly
- Seat pitch and width was great. Probably one of the best I've experienced in economy (and even better than an Economy + seat I had). I'm a tad under 6' and could stretch out nicely with my legs fully extended.
- Yes, it seems you are SOL if things go awry. We initially almost had our return flight canceled because BLI was fogged in. After delaying for an hour, we took off for BLI but again almost had to divert to the airport in Pasco in SE Washington. However, while we were descending to Pasco, the pilot got word to try BLI again and we eventually landed in BLI. Point being, the pamphlet handed out and the word being given by the FA's was that if we had stayed in LAS or landed in Pasco, we'd be on our own to find accommodations until the flight left the next morning. The only thing Allegiant would do was to help you get "Distressed Traveler" rates at a hotel. Not even meal money.

I'd fly Allegiant again but only at a very good price and probably not if I could foresee a chance of inclement weather.
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I'd almost be considered a frequent flier on them! Fresno to Las Vegas for dirt cheap mid-week. Jets are comfortable. Most planes have been re-fitted with the new seat-backs so your knees - if pointed strait ahead - don't knock the magazine holder.

They're solid, but many of their flights can be delayed because their planes can fly a lot of routes during the day. According to, a full 21% of their flights are excessively late (over 1 hr?) over the period 11/15/08 - 1/15/09 - compared with 10% for US air or AA.
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They are pretty good, except they only fly into little off the beaten path places or airports for the most part. Obviously LAS is an exception, but in like Chicago, they fly into Rockport..or is it Rockford, anyway...but the fares are good and service is good. The wife of a coworker of mine is a PAX for them and it seems to be an airline of pretty nice people top to bottom who enjoy their work.
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Does anyone know if gatechecking a stroller is still free? It was 2 years ago, but I have heard rumors of some airlines now charging to gate check the stroller. If thats the case, we would be better off buying a cheaper one down there. LOL!
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