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Originally Posted by DCA writer View Post
My rolling luggage meets the size requirements, maybe even the weight requirements for the three-night trip I'm planning out of IAD in late May, but there's no way it fits overhead on a Q400. . . . So will they gate-check the bag for free--meaning I should eat the $22 extra a Standard fare would cost over Basic--or will they not, meaning I should buy a Basic fare and eat the checked-bag fee on that?
Porter offers a skycheck service where you put your bag on a cart as you board the plane and get it back at the bottom of the stairs or on the jetbridge when you land. In my experience, they usually don't weigh bags you're taking on board with you, so if you buy the Standard fare you should be fine. If you try to actually gate-check a bag they will probably charge you.

Originally Posted by DCA writer View Post
It will fit underneath a seat, but then the seat behind had better stay vacant.
I'm not sure what you mean by this. The bag goes under the seat in front of you, so your seat will be occupied.

I do recall one flight a couple of years ago where the woman in front of me kept trying to put her purse under her own seat (i.e. in my foot space). It had to be explained to her that she was supposed to use the space in front of her.
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Originally Posted by respectable_man View Post
Curious to hear of your experience. That fee for carry-on is evil.
Thanks for reminding me to return to this topic! I wound up wimping out and borrowing smaller rolling luggage that did fit overhead. But then I didn't see anybody asked to check the size or weight of their bags at IAD, and other people seemed to be taking advantage of that skycheck service without being asked to produce a credit card. So my only regret about my booking wound up being not paying a little extra to reserve a seat that would let me enjoy the view of Toronto from the right side of the plane.

Originally Posted by Arcanum View Post
I'm not sure what you mean by this. The bag goes under the seat in front of you, so your seat will be occupied.
So last year, I had my usual rolling luggage that fits just fine above a seat on a 737 or A320 but not at all on an E145. But the flight was maybe half full, so instead of giving up after boarding and having the bag gate-checked, I stashed it on the floor under the vacant seat to my right, where only part of it fit under the next row of seats and the rest stuck into the legroom of that fortuitously unoccupied seat. In retrospect, there's no way that was kosher for evacuating the plane, but nobody said anything about it at the time.
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