Allegiant Extra Seat= Extra Personal Item?

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Allegiant Extra Seat= Extra Personal Item?

On Allegiant, if a traveler purchases a second ticket to insure an empty seat next to them, are they entitled to a second personal item? Asking for a friend, really. My friend has purchased 2 seats on Allegiant in order to have an empty space beside her. She called Allegiant and asked if she would be allowed 2 personal items since she had 2 tickets. She was told no, only one personal item regardless of number of seats purchased. I suggested she HUCB. Two questions; (1) has anyone been allowed 1 personal item per ticket? (2) if the second agent says she can bring 1 personal item per ticket, how does she document that to prevent problems when she arrives at the airport?
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I believe that the number of items you can carry/check is related to the number of passengers, not the number of seats purchased. If you purchased tickets for your whole family and the rest of your family was unable to fly, I do not think you get to utilize their bag quotas.

For example, a parent with a lap baby gets an extra carry-on ("diaper") bag, even though they only purchased one seat. In the example above, you could theoretically turn a flight into a cargo flight: buy a bunch of $19 fares, add a checked bag to each one and lug all the 40 pound boxes you want (99 pounds if you pay an additional fee). There are some limited exemptions for musical instruments and large items, maybe you need to explore that avenue.
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Why would your friend call in the first place. The answer to her question is specifically and expressly addressed on the website. The carry-on allowance is per passenger, not per ticket. Even if she keeps calling and is eventually given an incorrect answer, e.g., that she may carry on two, that won't work where it matters, e.g., at boarding.
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