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Hi do you know if EL has PTVs on their 747,200,400 ac.
How do I check my bags from TLV-SJC on my return potion on AA? Do I show them my AA e-ticket? Will they tag my bag as F/C from JFK-SJC since Im in F/C on AA?
How are the meals on the longhaul flights. What have you had for breakfast/dinner/lunch on the flights in coach?

What are the best seats to see the movie on the 747-200,400 on El Al(window). Does EL AL show Airshow inbetween films for long periods time?
Any precautions on flying EL AL besides the secrity?
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PTVs only on 744 and 777.
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My cousin just flew JFK to TLV and said she was disappointed by the food. Her flight left JFK at 9.20pm. They took off at 10pm and at midnight they were finally served a measly roastbeef sandwich which had practically no roast beef but tons of bread. This was accompanied by chips. She was starving and expected a full dinner.

She had to wait another 7 hours for breakfast which was OK: an omelette.

On the return they left TLV at midnight. She fell asleep before they arrived with the snack. When she woke up she asked her neighbour about the snack. He replied "it's better you don't know about it."

Before landing they got an omelette. She was so upset with the service and the food that she said she will no longer fly El Al to TLV.

I only fly EL AL from Europe to TLV and the food is great. My last transatlantic flight on El Al was in 1968. In those days you left JFK at midnight and had a full hot dinner; always chicken and rice, pudding and fresh fruit.

I suggest you visit www.airlinemeals.net and look up El Al.
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