Any problem booking Egyptair ticket via Travelocity?

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Any problem booking Egyptair ticket via Travelocity?

Hi, i plan to buy tickets on Travelocity for a short flight(1-way) from Cairo to Aswan. The price is $40 lower on Travelocity than Egypt air web site. And travelocity lets you select seat too which I prefer. Surprisingly Expedia(parent company) which also offers the same price as Travelocity do not let you choose seats during booking.

Travelocity .>$101/per ticket
Egypt Air-> $140/per ticket

Any time there is a good discount on travel site like this, this makes me think twice. Anyone have problem or success with booking egypt air tickets from this site or similar and got their assigned seats with no problems?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts/experience.
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Where was your locality set to when using the Egyptair website? Make sure it's set to Egypt, the prices are much lower than if you have it set to another country. $100 CAI-ASW sounds on the high side, depending on the date. I see as low as $48 one way on the Egyptair site, using Egypt as the locale on some random dates. ($48 is March 8th, but almost every day is lower than $100).

There wouldn't be any downside to booking on Travelocity if that's indeed cheaper than MS's Egyptian site, just potentially adding a travel agent in the mix if you have to change your ticket instead of doing it directly with the airline. Don't be too surprised though if the seat reservations don't stick, I've seen that a number of times in the past (not on MS specifically, just in general).
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