Rj bidding

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Rj bidding

I hope I am posting this in the right place .
I am flying from Tel Aviv to Thailand
i want to fly business .have done this many time with royal Jordanian using AA points .now I have no points left and aren't allowed to buy enough points.
i have exact dates I need to fly and 2600usd was the cheapest I could find in business on those dates .
but only 650usd in economy same flight .
i saw that RJ are offering bidding upgrades .do they offer this to any one who buys a ticket ?i was thinking if so ,I buy 650 economy and even if I pay 700 each way for upgrade I still save about 500 usd .
So can anyone tell me if for sure I can bid on upgrade,if there is availablity ?
The flight is in 2 weeks
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First of all, welcome to FT!

Yes, you will be able to place a bid (even if the ticket is purchased through a TA/third party) I believe the deadline for bidding is much closer to departure than 2 weeks (but I'm not entirely sure). Once booked/ticket is issued just go the RJ webpage and enter your ticket/reservation details - you will then be able to place a bid. Most likely you will also receive emails from RJ about the bidding offer if you retrieve your reservation/ticket on the RJ webpage and enter your contact details (they will already be there if you purchased on RJ.com).

As for the bid amount, just bid the minimum amount possible. Should be around 400-500 USD for AMM-BKK. Sometimes there is a promo reducing the bid amounts. By way of illustration in July I had a bid of USD 340 cleared/was accepted for AMM-BKK ^ Bidding USD 700 each leg is way too much (but up to you of course).

You do realise that in this forum there is thread dedicated to the RJ bidding procedure? Just search and you will find plenty of information in the thread.
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Thanks for the reply 😀
Sounds like a good deal
will let you know if I was successful in my biding
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I did a search here and couldn't find it .
if you can give me a link that would be great .
i offered upgrades on 3 out of my 4 flights .
Tlv - Amm 80$ minimum ,that's what I offered ...it's very short flight but it's more about the lounge and letting me skip the long lines in tlv .
Amm-Bkk I offered 450 (minimum was 415)
Bkk-Tlv I offered 450 (minimum was 405)

As I checked expert flyer for now I see 7 seats buissness available (25.11) Amm-Bkk
and 11 seats available (30.11) Bkk -AMM
is that of any importance on my chances?
just wondering ,if I understand good they will notify me up to 24 before the flight .
is it always that late to get answer ?
Sorry for long post
just hate the suspense 😀
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Recently flew tlv to amm on RJ on the night flight. The line is from airport security that no one can skip. Once airport security clears u, the check in counter usually is 2 to 3 people long as it is a small plane. As for lounge access if you have priority pass it is the same lounge.

So I would suggest u save the $80...
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Just to update
Tlv-Amm 80$ accepted
Amm-Bkk 450$ accepted
the last one is still pending as its early
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Iíve booked my Dad for ORD-AMM in the coming days and as itís in Y, am curious to see if I can get him into J. I tried the RJ Upgrade link, though it said nothing was available. Per EF, I see several blocked seats in J and at least unselectable.

Any thoughts on whether or not theyíll offer an upgrade and if so, what they might take for an offer?
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