EgyptAir MS 804 on 5/19/16, Paris to Cairo, Missing

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An EgyptAir Airbus A320, registration SU-GCC from Paris Charles de Gaulle (flight MS804 departing 18 May) to Cairo with 56 passengers, 2 flight crew, 5 cabin crew and 3 security personnel, lost contact over the Mediterranan Sea about 280km (151nm) from the Coast of Egypt at 02:30 local time (00:30 UTC) on 19 May 2016. Greece's Civil Aviation Authority reported radar contact with the aircraft was lost about 2 minutes after the aircraft was handed off from Greek to Egyptian Air Traffic Control.

At 12:30 CEST (10:30 UTC) 19 May 2016 France's President Hollande announced that the aircraft has crashed while flying over the Mediterranean Sea in Egyptian Airspace.

At 19:00 local time (17:00 UTC) 19 May 2016 EgyptAir posted on their Facebook page that wreckage of the missing aircraft was found near Karpathos Island. This was later denied by the head of the Greek air safety authority. EgyptAir's VP subsequently retracted the statement that debris of the aircraft had been found and said they were mistaken.

On the morning of 20 May 2016 The Egyptian Armed Forces informed EgyptAir that they have found first debris from the missing aircraft operating flight MS804 around 295 KM from the Egyptian coastline.
On 20 May 2016 The Aviation Herald published ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) messages which suggested there was smoke in a lavatory followed by smoke in the avionics bay.

On 22 May 2016 Egypt's President confirmed that the Petroleum Ministry has provided a submarine that could reach 3,000 meters under water in an attempt to retrieve the two black boxes.

On 23 May 2016 the French BEA and Egypt's Civil Aviation Authority, in response to media reports of an emergency call on Egypt's frequency, stated that no such communication has been received on any frequency.

On 1st Jun 2016 Egypt's Civil Aviation Authority reported that the French vessel "Laplace" has located pings presumed to originate from one of two black boxes. The French BEA confirmed that Egyptian Authorities have confirmed a "signal that may come from one of the recorders" of flight MS-804.

On 16 Jun 2016 the vessel "John Lethbridge" managed to retrieve the cockpit voice recorder in several stages as the CVR had been damaged.

On 17 June 2016 the vessel "John Lethbridge" managed to recover the memory module of the second black box, the flight data recorder.

List of nationalities of passengers on Board:

30 Egyptian
15 French
2 Iraqi
1 British (dual nationality with Australia as confirmed by AU government)
1 Belgian
1 Kuwaiti
1 Saudi
1 Sudanese
1 Chadian
1 Portuguese
1 Algerian
1 Canadian

+ 10 crew of unknown nationality.

Useful, reliable links:
Aviation Herald (Avherald) article on MS804
BBC article on MS804


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Originally Posted by GlenP View Post
Of course, it could be due to neither neglect nor terrorism, but until such time as the investigation is complete we will only have the occasional update from the investigation committee & leaks, which will be of more or less value; viz, the claim that the state of the recovered human remains indicated an explosion.
One leak that notably has not happened is that investigators have focused on any particular passenger or crew member. I would think that by now they probably would have found evidence that someone had terrorist sympathies or serious mental health problems that lead to a suspicion of malfeasance. Maybe such a person hid those things well. Still, this is a bell that hasn't rung yet.
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Originally Posted by dhuey View Post
I have a hard time understanding how apparently only a few minutes elapsed between when the crew became aware of a fire, and when the plane crashed. I understand that a fire on an aircraft is extremely dangerous, but I'm surprised that it could bring down the plan so quickly.
Look up ValuJet 592. From the time the passengers started to smell smoke to the time the aircraft disappeared from radar was just over 3 minutes. Fire can burn undetected for a long time and once detected the aircraft can already be severely damaged.
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Egyptian authorities not allowing full access, BUT still wanting a joint report from the French...
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Originally Posted by Exec_Plat View Post

Egyptian authorities not allowing full access, BUT still wanting a joint report from the French...
Very interesting. At the risk of getting into bad-omni territory, I'll be very surprised if we ever get a truly definitive answer on this one.
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Traces of explosives residue were found on the remains
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Investigators considering if copilot's iPhone or iPad could have caused cockpit fire

Investigators are investigating whether the lithium batteries in the copilot's Apple iPhone 6S and iPad mini 4 could have caused the crash, according to this report:

Le Parisien - Crash d'EgyptAir : des experts se penchent sur des iPhone et des iPad (May 25, 2017)

I'm not literate in French, so my summary of the article is based upon Google's translation of the page. Footage from surveillance cameras at Roissy airport shows the copilot's iPhone and iPad mini atop the instrument panel:

Google's translation of the article says:
For personnel in the cockpit, it is forbidden to travel with these devices unless they are issued to the pilots by the company in the course of their work. For example, Air France or Transavia have a specific Nav / Aero tablet. "The cockpit plugs are not made to connect the toaster or the coffee maker. They are professional plugs, "says a source close to the file. Other European companies are careful to ensure that lithium batteries, which are considered unstable under certain conditions, are banned from the cockpits.
The investigators are acquiring "three iPad Mini wi-fi 3G model A 1455" and "three iPhone 6S, both new and used" and will test them by causing "a thermal runaway". Google translate explains:
After determining whether the appliances can catch fire, experts should cause this fire, in order to calculate the heat radiation produced and to analyze the soot and smoke that emanate. Through this expertise, filmed and recorded, investigators look to see if the tablet and the smartphone can catch fire spontaneously and, if so, under what conditions and at what speed; And ultimately to determine whether the combustion of the aircraft could have rendered the aircraft uncontrollable and / or asphyxiated the pilots.
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