flyafrica - any experience?

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flyafrica - any experience?

I appreciate that they are a budget airline, but no-one replied to the solo post in that forum about them, and I understand that the budget airline fora are about to get rolled back in here anyway...

Has anyone flown them? Any views? Looking at a day trip to HRE from JNB, and they are much cheaper and with better timings than SAA.
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I booked a FlyAfrica flight from Harare to Victoria Falls on Sunday, May 17. The flight was cancelled, and they rebooked me on a flight on Wednesday, May 20. 3 days later? ...? I was only staying in Victoria Falls for 2 days, before crossing the border into Livingstone, then taking a bus to Lusaka. And, of course, I had hotel reservations in Victoria Falls, Livingstone & Lusaka.

Luckily, I was able to get on an Air Botswana flight. This flight cost a little more (120 USD), but at least I got to Victoria Falls as planned, didn't have to forfeit any hotel reservations & was able to stick to my planned itinerary.

Since FlyAfrica cancelled my flight, I figured I was entitled to a full refund. Nope! They would only give me a voucher, to be used within 3 months. Since I don't live in the region, the voucher is totally useless. 96 USD down the drain!

To be eligible for a refund, I would have had to subscribe to the optional insurance. I didn't read the small print. I'm sure most people don't. And FlyAfrica takes full advantage of that fact.

I'm convinced FlyAfrica performs a case study for every flight, evaluating on which flights they're likely to make more money by NOT operating the flight. They cancel the flight, award stranded passengers useless vouchers, and pocket the full fare without providing any service. Their business model borders on criminal activity!

Avoid these crooks! If you insist on booking a FlyAfrica flight, make sure to buy the bloody insurance. And make sure you have a contingency plan. Since cancelling flights is part of their business model, FlyAfrica is totally undependable.

BTW, more complaints about FlyAfrica can be found on the TripAdvisor forum.

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So they're crooks merely because they canceled your flight and refused to give the cash refund you demanded but were not entitled to receive. Always read the so-called fine print to avoid having unrealistic expectations.
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Updating this, having flown them finally last week.

A totally fine LCC experience, allocated seating on checkin (apparently all online, apart from ex-JNB which is what we did), clean 737-800 which had clearly started life somewhere in Eastern Europe given the dual language signage (I think that it was Czech), departed and arrived on time. Only had small carry-on, no problems getting it stowed overhead. I'd fly them again, but be prepared for them to cancel flights, as reported by BelMario and noted by many complaints on their facebook and twitter pages.

And Sabasi, just because companies put things in their CoCs doesn't make them either right or lawful. FlyAfrica rely on consumers not having the time/resource/energy to take them to court over cancelled flights and their refusal to refund, but it's pretty universal in law that unilateral non-performance of a contract (which is what FlyAfrica do in cancelling a flight) allows for the injured party to be made whole ie given their money back.
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Have a look on their facebook page and you'll see a litany of complaints. Flights cancellations seem very common.
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