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LHR*G Mar 14, 12 4:20 pm

Ethiopian domestic flights cheaper in Ethiopia?
Hi there

We are thinking of travelling
ADD (Addis Ababa) - AMH (Arma Mintch) on ET (Ethiopian)

The only flights we can buy on the internet are in YET fare bucket, ie. full fare.

We are planning to buy the tickets 2 days in advance.

Are flights cheaper to buy in Ethiopia? If so, is there any way we can buy them from an Ethiopian travel agent from overseas?


UA Fan Mar 24, 12 4:05 am

Bump, anyone know this? I am curious as well.

dvs7310 Mar 25, 12 12:07 am

Not sure what airline you're coming in on. I was looking at doing a few ET domestic flights which are quite expensive (at least from overseas) booked a la carte, however if you'e on an ET itinirary, I think most fares include quite a few stopovers in the ticket and adding domestic cities to the itin changed the price very little. If you're not using ET, then won't help unfortunately. I did notice if you look at their domestic fares, they only offer about 3 very high fare classes, so either others are local booking only (I remember China domestic used to be like that several years ago) or just don't exist.

acnev Aug 12, 13 5:16 pm

I know this is an old thread but posting here in case it is of use to future travelers.

Yes, buying domestic tickets in Ethiopia is a lot cheaper - I found the prices to be about 40% of what is shown on the website. I was in Ethiopia in early June and waited till I landed in ADD - then went to a city ticket office and bought ADD-LLI, LLI-GDQ, BJR-ADD and paid about $158 for all 3 legs. The first flight was for the following day and there was plenty of availability. However, this was more off-season, since there were very few tourists around.

All 3 flights were on Bombardier Q400 aircraft (if my memory is correct).

The lady in the booking office told me that ET does not give freq flyer credit for the internal flights. But this does not seem to be true. Miles were credited to my UA account automatically.

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