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jakatz May 22, 06 1:15 pm

Club 5C Relais and Chateaux
Anyone have any experience being a 5C member of Relais and Chateaux? I just became one there is very little information on the benefits...


flo_147 May 19, 08 11:20 am


got recently an invitation. So, any experiences wit R+C 5C Club out there? Do you often get upgrades?


Action Man Feb 23, 15 9:43 am

5C benefits?
(Bumping this post)
I am considering switching most of my stays to R&C properties, but have no idea what the benefits of their programme exactly are. I am hoping there is someone on FT that can shed some light upon this... Thanks!

FrenchLaundry May 31, 15 8:00 pm

No reports?
These are leisure stays I presume?

I'd also like to hear about any recent experiences with 5C. I see some occasional mentions at FT over the years, but didn't find a comprehensive review.

I've stayed at Langdon Hall in Canada (an outstanding experience) and dined at some affiliated restaurants in California. These types of properties appeal to me, yet (at least in the US) many have online critiques regarding their price, age, wear and tear, and lack of amenities (e.g. no A/C) - the flip side of being historic older inns.

The 5C benefits seem to be at the discretion of the individual properties, but an upgrade at a nice inn potentially seems like quite a valuable benefit.

I also note that a fast track option to 5C via a credit card (in the US) was just announced - not what I'd expect from R&C.

P.S. Just noticed this thread in the Luxury Hotels forum -

Some relevant information there.

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