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GHA Discovery Total Mess

After pushing the effort of making it to Platinum on GHA, I was looking forward to explore what I would get out of it.

So far so bad

First trip to GVA Kempinksi, no upgrades possible as hotel is sold out (amusingly the website showed ample rooms)

Today I brought the family to the Kempinski in Bruges. This time the system just didn't recognize me as Platinum. Not only did I not get any benefit at all but I was also accused of either not understanding the program (1st receptionist), failed to book by the GHA website (made no sense but thats what the 2nr receptionist claimed) and looked to profit from something I was not entitled to and that scrounging was not an option (3rd receptionist - classy basically said I was a lie).

I of course asked them to call GHA themselves (Kempinski Bruges did show me that on their system I was gold) but they never did. So I called GHA myself, had a nice lady who confirmed I was Platinum and who said she would call right away to confirm I was platinum. Apparently however she couldn't make it through an international call (was told that when I called back) and basically the receptionist didn't want to take my mobile phone to talk to her because nothing proved it was GHA (but heh he didn't want to call them either) and so GHA claimed to have emailed but the Kempinski Bruges claimed to never have received anything.

All in all I received nothing but felt severely humiliated. I am still wandering how all this mess happened. Clearly the Bruges Kempinski didn't behave like a 5* hotel but there are also huge technical flaws within GHA.

Never again
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GHA is the worst program by far

Yesterday in the morning I requested the receptionist for the scissors, and calmly cut up my black card and threw it over the counter.

What a pathetic excuse for a loyalty program. No free nights, no consistency in upgrades, just occasional frequent flyer points.

I have been staying in Parkroyal Saigon for 7 years. They know me by name. I have remained quite loyal for a reason of convenience, room is decent when they do not have loud weddings next to the swimming pool, food is ok, and airport is close by

Since I have been given a black card, I thought maybe it is time to book lower grade of room to be upgraded to the Orchid Club, since I am entitled to a double level upgrade. I always booked in Club level rooms before

First stay I was given a room that was not in the Orchid club, and was told that it was indeed a 2 level upgrade and it was Orchid club. I very much doubt it. When I went up to the lounge 5 minutes before closing time and had a can of mineral water ( the food there is so horrible, one of the worst lounge foods anywhere in a hotel of that alleged standard, so I rarely bothered), I was charged 17 USD for consumption since my room was not considered Orchid Club, despite reception telling me it was. They graciously offered to waive the fee if I cashed in my "local experience", a buffet lunch for two worth about 4 times more. I declined and asked to speak to manager. After many sorry sorry sir, I was charged 17 USD for my soda water and checked out disgruntled. Surprising how they found an extra level of room between the ones that I checked on the website. I specifically went for 2 levels below club

On the last stay I booked one category up, just to be told on check in that I was not entitled to Orchid Club wing again, but was put in a premier room, whatever that is despite my protestations. It was a big room with standard facilities, and not really different from standard rooms. I did not want a microwave and a stove.

After 5 minutes I was called from reception to say that they made a mistake and will send someone over to move me to the Orchid Club.

In the morning I went down to the buffet to graze on some salad (since lounge - thankfully I may add - does not do breakfast), again to be told that my room rate did not include breakfast, but since I only had a cup of coffee and 3 leaves of lettuce they will charge me a reduced continental rate. I signed the bill and said I will take it up on check out. I went up to the room, threw my laundry into the laundry bag ( for which they now incidentally charge USD 2.5 - another first) and went downstairs. At check out I was informed that since breakfast was not included in my original rate, my upgrade was to club room only and breakfast will be charged. Again a million sorries, followed by the me paying the bill in silence and asking for scissors. Card went flying across the counter, I told them that after 7 years I am moving elsewhere, and that their GHA card was worth about as much as their sorries.

Startled manager chased after me from hotel, tried to offer complimentary limo ride to the office, etc etc. I told them I do not want to take anything from them, got into a regular taxi and got the hell out of there.

It is not the money, it is the principle. IHG got the hint and standardised their programme and made it more consistent (but harder to achieve elite levels). These people do not even offer nights, just crappy local experiences that most people travelling on business can or will never take advantage of - I do not care for river cruises, or spa treatments when I work 14 hour days and return to hotel well after their "spa" is closed.

So basically, you have been warned.
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Have to concur.

Two stays at two brands in two countries, ZERO benefits as Platinum. They need to do what they say - local amenity, room upgrade, etc. They're clearly not. Total waste of time. Don't give them your loyalty.
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I do agree that the consistency of the GHA Black benefits leaves much to be desired. Having spent most of my nights in Asia-Pacific, I can say that certain properties are excellent at enforcing the benefits but some are just hopeless with it.

On a separate note, has anyone gotten eligible nights from third-party rates? I used to get them in 2014 but not anymore.
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