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MD VOILA Hotel Rewards Jan 5, 11 3:46 am

Flyertalk input to create VOILA's new monthly promotion
Hello Flyertalk community,

Happy New Year from all of us at VOILA Hotel Rewards. We are currently working on our next global mega campaign and would love to hear your input.

We are currently running our 'MULTIPLY YOUR EARNINGS' campaign ( ) which started mid November 2010 and will end February 15, 2011, With this campaign you can earn additional bonus points in any of our 250+ participating independent hotels worldwide according to the following formula:


We are now at the drawing board for our next mega promotion and would love to hear direct from the field what your dream promotion would be. If we select your promotional idea, we will credit you with 25.000 points and a VIP membership in our Centaurus tier level (the highest tier status in our program).

You can send your idea directly to me at [email protected], post it on the forum or drop me a private note via the forum.

Here is to to a great year with lots of points and ultimate recognition during your travels.

kind regards, Gabi
Global MD VOILA Hotel Rewards

PS: we are launching 10 new hotels in our program in Brasil in the next 2 weeks, adding 10 more hotels in the next month in Thailand and are making our debut in New York in the next 60 days......... Love to hear your feedback on any program improvements, new hotel suggestions or other points of feedback you may have.

satori Jan 5, 11 5:09 pm

I am impressed VOILA is reaching out to the FlyerTalk community for suggestions on a hotel loyalty promotion.

Hopefully someone in the community comes up with an acceptable promotion offer to earn top tier VOILA status.

My thinking cap is on @:-).

MD VOILA Hotel Rewards Jan 6, 11 4:13 am

Thanks Ric, we look forward to see some of your ideas.

krgds, Gabi

Seat13c Jan 11, 11 1:35 pm

Being in the area, which Hotel are you partnering with in NYC? Which brands are you seeking ideas in how to enhance you programs?

MD VOILA Hotel Rewards Jan 11, 11 3:38 pm

St Giles New York
We have announced our partnership today with St Giles New York for both properties in Manhattan. Hotels will be live in the program for earn / burn within the next 30-60 days.

With respect to the promo ideas, we are looking for concepts that will stimulate the members to try and use different brands in the program network and/or increase frequency of visits within a certain time period (on the earn side of promotions), but we are also interested to hear what the FT's community suggestions are for a great redemption focused promotion. The first ideas have started to arrive in my inbox, which is great and our team is looking at the input as we speak.

best regards, Gabi

superdawg Jan 12, 11 8:53 am


I have sent you my proposal for your next promotion. I hope you like it! :D

bsdstone Feb 4, 11 8:11 am

Just signed my wife up for Voila this morning! ^

She is starting a new job and will be in Europe quite a bit...Spain Specifically...she's staying 4 nights at the Avenida Palace Hotel next week...looks like a good program, and the fact they have a FlyerTalk presence is a HUGE step in the right direction!

MD VOILA Hotel Rewards Feb 10, 11 4:55 am

Winning promotional concept selected!
Thank you all for submitting many interesting promotional ideas. We have reviewed all ideas and are glad to announce that we have selected a winner: Patrick Sojka from Canada. We are currently working on the copy writing and creating the visual identity for the campaign and look forward to announce Patrick's promotional concept to the global VOILA member base later in February via the monthly e-statements.

Again, thank you all for your contributions!

Gabi Kool

ingo domaschke Mar 20, 11 7:22 am

Congratulations on your new sign ups in Thailand. We just stayed in 2 of the Amari's wonderful hotels in the best locations of Thailand. Let me know if you do any promotions in Thailand.

SC Alum Jul 23, 11 11:12 am

Hi Gabi,

I was wondering if it were possible to have a status match with other Loyalty programs. I have been Plat with spg since 2002 and I would love to try out your group of hotels.

I read that as a Centaurus, lounge access is limited to certain chains. Would there be lounge access for Centaurus members at Swiss-bel?

Thanks in advance.

JoeBagodonuts Aug 3, 11 3:47 am

So what was the final result regarding the promotion?

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