Ryanair passengers stranded in Spain


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Ryanair passengers stranded in Spain


In short, the pilot dinged the plane on the airbridge as he was taxiing. So the plane was out of service, and the passengers were stuck, with little help from Ryanair.
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Is this really news?
Isnt that what always happens with this "airline"?
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I have only flown Ryanair once. I didn't expect anything more then a seat and that was all I got. No service and no smiles. In cases like this I think Ryanair should have sent a plane in to swap out equipment but with such a barebones operation I'm not surprised that they didn't, I wonder if they have the aircraft available without canceling other flights.
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Why doesn't this surprise me. This is just the way this "airline" is. No one should give any business to this joke of an airline unless really desperate. But then, if one pays less than a bus fare to local downtown, one should not expect more in terms of comfort and customer "care"
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Oh not a smart move Mr O Reily - EU courts have been waiting for you to pull a stunt like that!! Remember they did threathen all airlines not following the Passenger rights thing with grounding or with drawal of landing rights!!
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Originally Posted by rankourabu View Post
Is this really news?
Isnt that what always happens with this "airline"?
indeed it is, we are not surprised at all
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I do not see why Ryanair should bear the costs for something which was not their fault... Obviously, as the Ryanair spokesperson pointed out, you do not reverse at an airport without assistance, so I would rather blame the person of the handling agent and not Ryanair.

Getting a plane out of London during the night is not as easy as well as night curfews might exist. Certainly, Ryanair tried to back out from paying compensation whenever they can, however, this situation is completely different and while I do see a chance for the passengers to take the handling agent and its insurance to court, I doubt that Ryanair will pay any compensation, if the story happened like stated in the article and response by FR.
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