Icelandair refund issues

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Same here. Icelandair confirmed that they owe me a refund, but stopped short of committing to or even predicting when that will happen, Could be in two weeks, two months, two years ?? No one knows. So I also filed a "dispute" with my credit card bank and maybe Icelandair will get the message. In any case, I've got a temporary credit. Need to think twice before doing business with this airline again.
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Never wait to file a chargeback with your card issuer if a refund is due and denied or delayed.

Make certain that you do everything in writing (including email and webforms) and that you supply the backup documentation with your chargeback. When your chargeback package is complete, there is little to nothing the vendor (carrier) can do and its merchant acquirer is unlikely to waste any effort contesting the chargeback.

FI is an EU carrier. It is subject to EC 261/2004 and Section 8 requires that a refund be initiated within 7 days when the carrier cancels or significantly changes a flight. Your package should include a copy of Section 8, along with your e-ticket receipt, your request for a refund and any response from the carrier. No reason to wait beyond the 8th day.

Similarly, if your flight is not cancelled, but you do not wish to / cannot travel, do not cancel yourself. Wait until the day of the flight. It may well be cancelled or changed. There may be bad weather or a mechanical issue. All of those entitle you to a refund. If there is not, then go ahead and cancel and take the "funny money" credit voucher.
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Originally Posted by dll2k20 View Post
Our flights were canceled on 5/27 for travel in late June/early July. We immediately requested a refund....
We have flown FI a couple of times in the past, including an unplanned 24-hour stopover in Reykjavik due to missed connection, both good experiences.
Our family had two separate itineraries booked this summer from PDX. One was scheduled to depart late June, the other early July.

The July trip was refunded 8/17 (82 days after requesting a refund), the June trip on 8/24 (89 days).

It is not likely we will fly FI again.
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Originally Posted by Often1 View Post
It already has come to that!

I would file the chargeback immediately as it will take some time to process. If by some chances, FI figures it out first, you can later withdraw your chargeback or FI will advise your card issuer that you have been refunded directly.
Refund appeared a couple of days ago without any further action on my part. So a little over three months from the time I asked for my fully-refundable ticket to be refunded.
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Received my refund as well, flight was cancelled 11 weeks ago. Requested refund 10 weeks ago. Wrote the Iceland travel authority 2 weeks ago. So, nearly 3 months.

Used a gift card to pay part of the ticket and received a new one right now as well. Been a while but feel better about Icelandair now. Will use them again to fly to KEF once the world has returned to a better travel climate.
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Originally Posted by AKLifetimeFlyer View Post
I don't believe my case is 100% ironclad. My scenario is slightly different. I booked a OW award flight ANC-KEF with AS miles. I then paid $65 to upgrade my seat assignment through FI's website. In May, I cancelled my AS flight, as my trip was coming up less than a month later. I was refunded miles and taxes/fees immediately. I then proceeded to fill out the online refund request on FI's website explaining what happened. I was put in the queue and given a refund case number. Subsequently, maybe a week or 2 later, FI cancelled the flight and then issued me another case number, with an email stating I was due a refund because they cancelled the flight. I have received 3 or 4 additional emails from FI apologizing for the delay. Because it is only 65 USD I am not too concerned. I really don't know if FI's 12 week policy is reasonable, given it was just a seat upgrade fee. Any additional insight would be appreciated though.
Just to follow up and close this chapter, the $65 I was owed by FI was credited to my credit card yesterday, September 15. From the date I initially requested the refund, it took exactly 4 months and 1 day, and several follow ups, which may or may not have expedited the refund.
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I'm now 112 days since my flight was cancelled, I just received a seventh "Due to a high volume of requests, it is taking longer than usual for us to process your request. " email, and the two week period for a response quoted by the Icelandic Transport Authority has come and gone.

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Maybe the continued follow ups are actually clogging up the system?
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I replied to one email last week and sent one complaint to the transport system two weeks ago after three months of delays. I certainly don't think I'm "clogging up the system", as they've never responded to either.

But I did receive an automated notice today that my airfare had been "refunded" - I'll wait for it to appear on my card before closing it out.
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I didn't mean you specifically, but we do get a lot of reports here off people calling every week trying to follow up, which clogs up lines and probably accelerates nothing.
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