Ryanair are thieves in my opinion

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Originally Posted by maestro1981 View Post
The thing that disturbs me, is that Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 was NOT followed and even when AESA (the official regulator) awarded the case in my favour (before I got the lawyer and after many months), Ryanair still refused to pay anything and ignored the situation. Thus, Ryanair were in breech of the official EU regulation (as from the official investigation by AESA), and yet there were no consequences! What is the point of having these regulations if airlines can get away with ignoring them? I wonder how many other cases are out there who give up more easily?
As you have now learned, the NEB's are useless. They are not courts, do not order payment and are largely ignored.

Unless you can make your complaint online and thus avoid the cost of a postage stamp, it was not worth the effort.
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In my entire history of flying, I have had only two compensation & reimbursement claims, both with Ryanair. They paid to the cent.

The main problem is that they have very few options of putting you on another flight (no alliances, no codeshare, and very obscure/small airports). Frankly, no compensation can make up for the grief of that. That's why I don't fly with them anymore. Also, they seem to pride themselves in making the experience feel unnecessarily cheap. Loud music, selling lottery tickets and what have you. And being totally inflexible on admin issues as if they wish to make those into a profit centre. It's a masochists' airline.

First claim was for was a cancelled evening flight out of Zaragoza, Spain (winter 2008), with the next one two days away. The entire flight started queuing in front of the Ryanair desk for alternative routes / solutions. We got in pretty quick, like 10th in line, and accepted a replacement flight out of Alicante. I then rented the last available car from Avis and drove 500 km to catch the morning flight from Alicante back home. The flight was obviously free, but Ryanair paid back the (very expensive, 1-way) car rental and compensation. This was handled by email.

Second claim was more recent - 6 hour delay out of Madrid in September 2017 - and Ryanair was a PITA. Announcements at the airport came piecemeal, so we basically spent the night awake and looking at the gate's info screen. Afterwards, online claim for compensation went nowhere, mails went unaswered. A registered letter to Ireland finally got the desired response & payment of full EU261 compensation plus dinner costs. Mind you this was one of the last flights before the massive pilot strikes, so they were probably under water.
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So glad the OP had at least some reimbursement, situations like this boil my blood.At weekend evening, stranded in foreign country without alternative flight...
I've flown Ryanair many times without problem and I'm very much ok with their services, because I get what I pay for.No one can beat there direct flights and prices, they have there place in market, but you have to be cautious for every bit of rule they have.My wife and daughter once had to stay in the airplane for 3 hours on the tarmac before take off, the whole airplane full, no toilets, no AC, waiting for take off clearance from landing airport GLA.....crazy.Now I'm looking for flights EDI - PMI in August 22.99 one way, no other airline can offer this direct flight for that price.
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Originally Posted by maestro1981 View Post
Dear All, one year later and I have some news for you. I got a lawyer onto Ryanair and eventually (with legal threats), admitted that they were in the wrong and paid the compensation. It's taken a HUGE amount of time and effort and once lawyers fees were removed, I still lost money overall. Just goes to show that even with regulations, Ryanair do what they want generally without repercussions.
Maestro, sorry about your bad experience.
I am, however, confused as to why you again fly Ryanair, as shown by this recent thread from you: Can Ryanair taxi at full speed with everyone standing?
after such a bad experience.
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Originally Posted by iflyjetz View Post
Maestro, sorry about your bad experience.
I am, however, confused as to why you again fly Ryanair, as shown by this recent thread from you: Can Ryanair taxi at full speed with everyone standing?
after such a bad experience.
Dear iflyjetz,

Unfortunately, sometimes you just don't have a choice. However, proud to say, I have taken more than 100 flights between and never once flown Ryanair. They completely lost my business (where possible).
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