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Icelandair now offering bids to upgrade 10 days before flight

Icelandair now offering bids to upgrade 10 days before flight

Old Aug 29, 17, 9:11 am
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KEF-IAD Cleared

Upgrade cleared again from KEF to IAD from Economy to Economy Comfort. Bid $120 a person which was the lowest or second lowest (can't remember now) available. It's on their 767.

I'm not sure if it's going to be a Saga seat with Y+ service, like the outbound or if I'll be in the actual Economy Comfort seats. But regardless, the Saga lounge alone was worth the money. It's really nice and also just fits the airline better than any lounge I can remember. Shower, food, booze and several different areas that make the space feel bigger than it is.
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Old Aug 29, 17, 3:25 pm
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Thanks for the update, Dreamworks!
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Old Sep 4, 17, 10:36 pm
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Flying IAD-KEF in a couple days, then KEF-BGO a few days later. Any suggestions into how much I should bid? Are the intra-Europe flights always this packed?

8 seats free in Y+, 18(?!) seats free in J
- Looks like rows 5 and 6 are still open in Business

4 seats free in Y+, 9 seats free in J

My introductory bids for Y+ are:

- $160 (mid-yellow) for IAD-KEF
- $180 (beginning of dark green) for KEF-BGO

I'm willing to bid more on the KEF-BGO flight, because I'd like to try the new Saga Lounge.
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Old Sep 6, 17, 12:54 pm
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Update, my IAD-KEF upgrade bid cleared at T-73.

I was not expecting it to clear an hour early, which is unfortunate, because I was planning on lowering my bid at the last minute. Rows 5 and 6 are still marked as Business. I called IcelandAir, and they are unable to assign me to those rows. Looks like I will just have to wait until the day before or the day of, and see if rows 5 & 6 will be re-classified as Economy Comfort.

I think $160 for Y+ upgrade (if I don't get the Saga seats) won't be worthwhile. I would have been happier with $120.

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Old Sep 7, 17, 8:39 pm
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I was originally assigned to Row 11 in Y+, but while checking the seatmap this evening, noticed that:

a) Y+ had been rezoned to include Rows 5 & 6 (but rows 5 & 6 were shown as being occupied)
b) J was almost full except for 4 seats!

I called IcelandAir. Even though Rows 5 & 6 were shown as being occupied, they were able to assign me to 6D and 6F. Woohoo! Thanks everyone for your help!!
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Old Sep 12, 17, 9:11 pm
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YVR-KEF Sept 15: bid C$320 pp for Saga, just above the minimum, top of red zone. Didn't really expect to get it, but wasn't prepared to pay any more for this product. It cleared today ^. Hope it's worth it.

Also bid C$135, also just above the minimum, top of red zone, for Economy Comfort, which obviously was declined.
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Old Jan 25, 18, 3:52 pm
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If booked as a party of 4 with two adults and two kids 11 & 12, can we just upgrade the adults?
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Old Jul 8, 18, 12:56 am
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Updated Class Up info

Thereís some outdated Class Up info here so I thought Iíd share some recent experiences and data points.

First, Icelandair has done away with PE, so Class Up is exclusively about upgrading to Saga business class.

Second, I noticed that if there were 5+ open seats, a MINIMUM bid will get you business class. For example, I put in a slightly-above minimum bid for DEN-KEF at $360, with 6 open seats several days
before departure. I was cleared T73 hrs, which is the absolute soonest youíll get cleared. I also bid the minimum for my dad and brother on flights IAD-KEF, with 8 open seats, and they cleared about T70 (canít explain for the few hour delay).

So my takeaway: if there are 5+ open seats, bid the minimum and youíll almost definitely get the upgrade. The little gauge that shows your bid likelihood as red, orange, yellow, and green is complete horsecrap - all three of my ugrades cleared with blood-red, minimum bids.

Third and finally is the real question: is it worth it? I was deeply unimpressed by the experience. The seats are fine (US domestic first) and for that, plus enhanced service, itís worth paying some premium. But thatís where the benefits end. Saga Lounge in KEF doesnít allow arrival access, which seemed silly, as itís post-immigration and relatively empty in the morning. Iím not aware of any other benefits, besides lounge access, which provides added value if you need it.

I think it DOES make sense to bid if 1) you have a long flight and can submit a reasonable minimum bid (mine required a minimum of $355, which was prob overpriced, but for 7.5 hours Iíll take it) and 2) you have reason to use the lounge, eg, you have a long layover. Otherwise, donít bother. Iceland is a European hayseed backwater and its airline is reflective of that. So keep expectations very low, donít spend too much, and youíll be fine.

CONCLUSION: fly Icelandair and go for the Class Up upgrade if itís cheap. Youíll probably get the upgrade unless the cabin is fully booked (or close). Otherwise, fly a different airline if you want businesses class. Icelandair kind of blows.
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Anyone know if I upgrade with an infant in arms, will the fee include that charge/ T&C on the website are not clear.
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Old Sep 17, 18, 10:42 am
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To add another data point: I flew Icelandair (JFK-KEF) at the end of August, and my Classup bid-- for both me and my partner-- of $225 each was accepted three days out. At that point, more than half of the Saga cabin was empty, and the flight left with a couple of empty Saga seat. The flight seemed fairly lightly loaded overall (the guy in the first row of economy had it all to himself). I think bidding started at $215, I probably could have saved $20 by booking the minimum, but even still, it was a decent deal, especially since the underlying fare was very, very cheap.

To the question of was it worth it? I'd say yes, especially if you're traveling as a couple, because then you've got 2x2 seating. Lounge access (at JFK, via the BA club lounge) was useful, especially since traffic and security was faster than expected so we had quite a bit of time to kill, and Mr Turn Around is capable of drinking his fair share of pre-flight and in air champagne (it's on request in the Club lounge, and the FAs were very generous in bringing new mini bottles of Nicolas Feuillatte throughout the flight.) It's not a flat bed, and the flight is too short to get much decent sleep, but I'm glad we upgraded.
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Old Jan 21, 19, 6:53 pm
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UPDATE, as this is the only thread that I can find with a history of Class Up bids -

Flying SEA-KEF-CDG tomorrow. Purchased economy lite ticket at $399 round trip (who goes to Iceland in January!) There were about 12 seats empty in SAGA. Bid just over minimum (upper edge of red) and bid was accepted 72 hours out.

For us, it's worth it because as Alaska frequent flyers, we get NO miles for flying economy lite. So along with a more comfy seat and lounge access, we'll also get 125% miles. Total cost for a SAGA class ticket from SEA-KEF-CDG was about $700 o/w, gaining 11,291 miles each way flown SAGA but zero if flown economy lite.
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Old Jan 25, 19, 7:22 pm
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Flying IAD to KEF at end of Jan. This time of year the loads are very light to Europe in January so I bid the minimum offer.

Prior there was only 1 confirmed seat in Saga. Then at T-72 hours the range of my bid changed from red to yellow range and I did not change my bid. Then at T-71 hours I was upgraded.

In between the moving from red to yellow and getting the upgrade I did try to check back and see if I could offer a lower bid but the minimum remained the same at $210 each way.

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At this point it should be pointed out that the current premium to buy business class fare outright, is about 200-250USD per leg over economy standard.

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Old Mar 19, 19, 11:19 pm
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Update, two hours on the phone with customer service got me nowhere. One tweet and problem was fixed in 5 minutes

Has anyone ever had their bid accepted but the credit card declined the upgrade charge due to perceived fraud? I just went through this and 5 minutes after being approved for an upgrade already had my credit card turned back on but icelandAir customer service said they cant book the upgrade because it's too late to submit a new request even though there are seats available in Saga and the initial request was approved.

Any ideas on how to save the upgrade?

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Old Apr 21, 19, 3:09 am
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I have an upcoming FI booking in economy where Expertflyer shows availability as J9 Y4. In this thread it is suggested that upgrade bids would be accepted at T-72, but is this the case if Y gets to be sold out before that? Would FI process upgrades before T-72 to make additional seats available in Y or would they just overbook Y and upgrade at T-72?
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