Payless at LAS -- Good Price, Bad Counter Service

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Payless at LAS -- Good Price, Bad Counter Service

I rented a car at Payless in LAS for the past week. Just returned it and now sitting in the airport waiting for my flight.

The process of getting the car was a royal pain. Three agents on the line. Three people being served and I'm #2 in the wait line. Typical screw around and screw around. The agents are as dumb as rocks.

Finally get up to an agent. I had a computerized reservation, yet they had to retype my name into the computer. Female agent has long fancy painted nails ... just great for a job that requires typing. It would appear she only got a C- in typing class. Slow, slow, slow. We go through the whole thing with the add-on insurance. Decline, decline, decline I say. She does the sales pitch -- if in an accident they will charge me for their lost use of the vehicle.

I have special renters insurance from State Farm for rental cars. Only costs $30 per six months. My agent assures me that this will cover everything. Tells me that this whole "loss of use" thing is questionable at best. Finally tired of her sales pitch, I reply "you can fight it out with my insurance." She comes back "no, we work it out with you." By now I'm getting tired of it all, so I come back with "you can work it out with my attorney." She continues to pitch ... finally I just say "I'll take my chances."

Printed contract is higher than my contract price. As I walk away, I find that they are charging $5 per day for "Roadside Assistance." Seriously? You aren't going to come fix a flat or pick up the car if it stops running? I go back to the counter ... interrupting someone else who is now in my spot ... asking "what's this charge?" Oh, that is standard. But, I'll check with my supervisor to see if I can remove it. She goes ... she comes back ... says "this time only." Yeah right.

Car was fine and remainder of rental was decent. Saved about $80 over Dollar for the week. But, dealing with them in painful. This tricky "add on" thing is a complete waste of time and really degrades the experience.

My recommendation: Stop trying to upsell me on this worthless insurance. Accept that some/most of us know its a scam and move on. We also know that the credit card companies are there to step in and provide coverage. Over at Dollar and Hertz, if I decline when making the rental on-line, no questions are asked. That's the way it should be.

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You get what you pay for, I always recommend sticking with the major car rental brands to avoid head aches. The cheaper brands will typically aggressively upsell you on their insurance and other add-ons as they rely heavily on those products to make money.

Also all rental car companies including the major ones charge extra for roadside assistance but it's always an optional add-ons. The rental car company will only help you if the car has a mechanical breakdown. If you need roadside assistance because you ended up having a flat tire or your battery needs a boos you typically have to pay out of pocket for those calls.
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