Europcar Service: Can it get any worse?

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Europcar Service: Can it get any worse?

I am growing increasingly frustrated at the service I am receiving from Europcar. I commute on easyJet each week between Edinburgh and Stansted. On arrival I pick up a car from Europcar as they generally have the best rates and as I am commuting at my own cost, I need to make savings where I can.

I make my Europcar bookings though either the Europcar website or the website. Being a weekly commuter is not an easy life and I look for anything I can do to make it easier. One of the things I hoped that would make my life easier was signing-up for the Privilege scheme.

The promises made on the website - - suggest that my pick-ups would be easier and quicker. The reality was somewhat different, as it soon became apparent that when booking through the easyJet website credit card security issues (so I am told) prevent them offering Ready Service and if I wanted it I would have to book direct. Notwithstanding that, the easyJet website continues to claim there is a dedicated desk for Speedy Rental at Stansted which clearly there is not.

A few months ago the public rates on the Europcar website were on a par with those booked through easyJet so I decided to spend a few extra pounds and book 8 weeks worth direct with Europcar in the expectation that I would get Ready Service. How wrong I was. Only 1 out of my last 9 rentals have I received Ready Service.

The queues at STN on a Monday can be horrendous. I have waited more than 45 minutes at times.

I am now at a complete loss as to what I have to do to get Ready Service. Looking at the Europcar website link above I appear to meet all the criteria

How do I know if my booking is eligible for Ready?

Your booking will be eligible if:

o You've selected the pay online option
o You've used your Europcar ID when making the booking
o No additional drivers were added at the time of booking (don't worry, you can always add more drivers at the station!)
o You are hiring at a participating hire location, in one of the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, UK, Australia, New Zealand.
o All elements of your booking have been confirmed.
Customer Services have been hopeless. I have even emailed the Europcar MD twice and all he has done is forward it on to the customer service teams. The last time I emailed him he forwarded the email complete with his signature containing his mobile phone number so I may just give him a call.

Does anyone else have this issue with Ready Service.
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I am quite familiar with Europcar Stansted airport.
I have spoken with the SM on many occasions so if you need to speak to him let me know direct, I have his mobile..He's a nice guy and may sort things out!
Clearly europcar suffers from many one off tourist clients at Stansted so loyalty clients have an issue since there are no dedicated desk, even though the banner upon arrival is still there.
It is shocking that you had to wait 45mins. I would have gone mad too. And customer service have standard email answers these days. I have issues with them on a regular is not acceptable, but alas there is little you can do.
I feel for you as a long suffering elite member of their program myself, but I've learned that europcar is clearly about rates (with or without easyjet tariffs) and that's what you get, take it or leave it as it is often the case their CS tend to respond without offering any comfort.
I believe that there are a lot of complains there from regular clients and the more we complain to the SM or CS, the more they will realise that service is poor...

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Europcar a nightmare

Do not be surprised by the horrible service at Europcar. On August 2 in Rome I had to queue for 1 hour, having booked and paid online, only to get turned down at pickup because my credit card limit for the security deposit was at the time just below the amount required. They assured me that I would be paid back shortly. Well, after two months and a half and 3 emails from me (not a single reply) I still was not refunded. Looks like a scam! Never again with Europcar.
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Europcar Italy is particularly terrible . Even customer service doesn't response.
I rented a car there and it wasn't even washed inside. It was terrible,I was left with take it or leave approach...
Your issue aimone1 seems to be an isolated one and a call to their CS would resolve it I am sure..
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I to am completely sick of Europcar. They just awarded me this week with their highest loyalty level - Privilege Elite VIP and with that have closed off booking for the whole Christmas period at Heathrow, or by eventually circumnavigating the phone system to speak to the branch they said a one night hire would be 500. After negotiation they said they were tied to reduce the maximum discount to 50%, so 250 for 12 hours. Complete rip off and absolutely atrocious way to treat their highest loyalty level of customer. I have tried about 4 times to see if I can get Ready Service as I too am completely miffed as to why I don't qualify. It would appear individuals who take their full insurance (ZeroGen) which is the most expensive, I.e. Paying the highest for your hire get treated the worst, yet huge corporate machines who probably pay 10 a car with no insurance get the red carpet treatment. They have just lost me, one of their most loyal. 40 hires this year. Hate them.
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